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San Jo86 de Costa Blca, Archdiocese of (Sancti San Martino al Cimino (cf. C. E.. XIII — 149c),

Joseph I db Costarica; cf. C. E., XIII---446d), an abbey nuUius in the Province of Rome, directly

metropolitan, in Costa Rica, Central America. This dependent on the Holy See. The present Abbot is

see was erected into an archdiocese on 16 Feb., 1921, Most Rev. Antonio-Domenico Rossi, bom in Pia-

and the Most Rev. Othon Raphael Castro was ap- cenzain 1866, incorporated into the Diocese of Chi-

pointed first archbishop. He was elected at the con- avari, made an honorary canon extra urbem in 1878,

sistory of 10 March, 1921 . The bishop of the former 1905 and 1914, made a prelate of the Holy See in 1915

diocese was the Rt. Rev. Jean Caspar Stork, C. M., and named Abbot of San Martino al Cimino in April

b. at Cologne 7 June, 1856. elected 1 Jiue. 1904, of the dame year. There are about 2070 Catholics

consecrated 28 Aug., publisned 14 Nov. following, included in tnis territory; it comprises 1 parish, 3

He succeeded Rt. Rev. Bishop Thiel, who died in churches, 1 abbey, 8 secular priests, 5 Sisters, 3 sem-

December, 1920. In 1920 the diocese consisted of inarians, 1 elementary school with 5 teachers and 100

65 parishes, 65 parish churches, 98 chapels, 102 pupils, which receives aid from the Government, and

seciuar priests, 12 regulars, 10 seminarians, 708 1 public institution in which the priests are permitted

children in Catholic schools. The Catholics num- to minister. Recently occurred the death of a prom-

bered 355,500. inent member of the clergy, Monsimior Francesco

San Juan. Diocese of (Sancti Joannib db Spol^mja^Uc nuncio to Bnuil and sulMlataiy

CuYo; cf. C. E., XIII— 447a), in the Argentine w) tne Holy see.

^ R^iPnT^Afrpr i5' Ml;ph I8fi^ o^^^ t»>e RepubUc of San Salvador, Central America. It

Bei Ma

57n«HXru?;hnrVp/^^^^^ i891,;eTectedl Aug.: 1913, publisher26M

nf^hn^^di^t R^i^P 4^^^ ^^^ assistant to tte pontifical throne, 11 Aug.

of whom 3 were m Rome, 482,000 mhabitants. j^gO. The diocese covcts an area of ibout 4234

San Leon del Amazonas, Vicariate Apostolic OF, square miles and contains 335,500 inhabitants. 1

in Northern Peru. Formerly a prefecture apostolic congregation of men and 2 of women. No furtner

it was erected into a viciariate 22 Feb., 1921, and statistics are available,

entrusted to the Augustinians. The present vicar is ^ _,^ , ^ _

the Rt. Rev. Soter Redondo Herrero, titular bishop Smi Ml^to, Diocbsb op (Sancti Miniati;

of Aucanda. He was b. at Valencia, 9 Nov., 1868, cf. C. E., XIII--449d), m Northern Italy^ suffragan

named prefect a'Kwtolic of San Le6n del Amazonas, of Florence. The present administrator is the Rt.

Nov., 1915, elected at the Consistory of 16 June, 1921, Rev. Carlo Falc9iii, b. at Prato, 23 March, 1848,

named vicar apostolic of San Le6n del Amazonas elected titular bishop of Arethusa 24 June, 1907,

26 May following. According to the statistics of transferred 30 August following. He succeeded the

1920, the prefecture apostolic contains 4 stations and Rt. Rev. Pio Alberto del Corona who resigned. Ac-

4 Auimstinian FaUiers cording to the statistics of 1920 the diocese contained

106,800 Catholics, 100 parishes, 250 churches and

San LulB Potort. Diocese op (Sancti Ltoovici chapels, 246 secular priests, 42 regulars, 19 Brothers

PoTosiENSis; cf . C. E^ XIII— 448c) , m Mexico, 135 gjgters and 7 semmarians. suffragan of Lmares. The last administrator of the

diocese was the Rt. Rev. Joseph Montes de Oca y San Pedro de Snlan, Vicariate Apostolic of;

Obregon. He was bom at Guanajuato in Mexico, in the Republic of Honduras. It was erected 2 Febru-

26 June, 1840, ordained 28 Feb., 1863, curate in ary, 1916, by the division of the diocese of Comaya- En^and, then in Guanajuato, chaplain to the Em- gua, of which it takes in all the northern part and com- penor of Mexico, elected bishop of Tamaulipas and prises the civil provinces of Cortes, Islas de la Bahia, consecrated 6 Mfarch, 1871, transferred to Linares, Atlantida and Colon. It is confided to the care of 19 Sept., 1879, and to St. Luis Potosl, 13 Nov., the Lazarists. The Very Rev. Antoine Casulleras was 1884, assistant to the pontifical throne 13 Dec, appointed administrator in 1917. No further data 1887, made titular archbishop of Cesarea de Pont are available.

July, 1920, published 16 Dec. following, died at ^ ^ , ^ ^

New York, 19 Aug., 1921. The see is still vacant. San Salvador, Archdiocese op (Sancti Salvatoris

Accordmg to the statistics of 1920 the diocese con- in America Centrali; cf. C. E., XIII— 450d).—

tained 620,000 Catholics, 46 parishes, 150 churches On 11 Feb.. 1913, the former diocese of San Salvador

and chapels, 132 secular priests, 8 regulars, 15 was erected into an archdiocese and two other dio-

seminarians. There is a school in every parish and ceses, those of San Miguel and Santa Ana, were

5 colleges. formed therefrom. The present incumbent is the - **. J «j ^ T% /a Most Rev. Anthony Perez y Aguilar, b. at San San Marco and Blslgnano, Diocese op (Sancti, Salvador, 20 March, 1839, elected 13 Jan., 1888,

Marci et BisiNiANENsis; cf. C. E., XIII-^^^^^ appointed archbishop 11 Feb., 1913, and made

I?^*^Sfe'^' ^^^^y'^^'^^^^^^^y^^^^if^^^^^^^^.^A^Jy assistant at the pontifical throne 2 April, 1916.

§^- x>^^® present administrator of the diocese is the According to the statistics of 1920 the former diocese

Rt. Rev. Salvatore Scaun, b. at Ozieri, 11 Dec. contained 1,000,000 Catholics, 295 churches, 180

1859, ordamed 12 April, 1884, elected 27 March, secular priests, 13 colleges, 18 hospitals, 8 homes and

1909, consecrated 30 June, made administrator asylums. Apostolic of Cassano all 'lonio March, 1910, published

27 Nov., 1911. He succeeded VincenzoRicotta, who San Severlno, Diocese op (Sancti Severini; died 14 Jan., 1909. According to the statistics of cf. C. E., XIII — 452), in Central Italy, suffragan 1920 the diocese contains 70,900 Catholics in San of Fermo, was erected in early days. The saint Marco and 70,900 in Bisignano, 64 parishes, 212 whose name it bears was its second or third bishop churches and chapels, 174 secular priests, 6 regulars, and governed it from 440 to 442-3. The diocese 3 convents for men, 8 for women and 40 seminarians, was subsequently united to that of Camerino, but