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Capua. The present administrator is the Rt. Rev. Shan-si, Nobtbebn, Vicariate Apostouc of

Fortunate de Santo, b. at Fomi di Sopra, 1 August, (Sgian-si Septentrionalis, cf. C. E., XIII — 752b),

1862, elected 25 April, 1914, published 25 May fol- in China. It has a Catholic population of 38.014

lowing to succeed the Rt. Kev. Giovanni Battista and J^8,300 catechumens, all Chinese. Rt. Rev.

Diamare, who died 9 January, 1914. According to Agapito Augusto Fiorentini, titular Bishop of Russad-

1920 statistics there are: 62,750 Catholics, 42 par- dir, b. at Palestrina (Italy), 27 September, 1866,

ie^es, 103 churches and chapels, 80 secular priests, appointed Vicar Apostolic of Northern Shan-si,

and 15 seminarians. 6 March, 1902, resigned in 1909, reappointed Vicar

Apostolic of Northern Shan-si, 7 July, 1916, resides

' Sston Hall College, South Orange, New Jersey, at Tai-yuan-fu. The vicariate numbers (1921):

was founded in 1856 by the Rt. Rev. James Roose- 35 missions, 279 churches, 421 stations, 1 convent for

velt Bayley, Bishop of Newark. The new college men, 1 for women, 22 secular and 20 regular cler^, 2

was named after Mother Elizabeth Seton, aunt of Brothers, 14 Sisters, 2 seminaries with 55 seminarians,

the founder, and was first situated in Madison, N. 1 college for boys with 163 students, 1 for girls with

J., \)\it in 1861 was moved to more spacious build- 145 students, 1 normal school with 20 students, 327

ings in South Orange. The same year the institution elementary schools with 327 teachers and 3621 pupils,

was incorporated ; by the charter the corporate 2 hospices for aged men with 142 inmates, 2 for aged

powers were vested in a board of thirteen trustees women with 100 inmates, 1 hospital with 1007 beds,

with the Roman Catholic Bishop of Newark per- 1 dispensary where 15,663 have been cared for,

petual trustee ex-officio and President of the Board. 8 orphanages with 248 boys and 830 girls, 6 nurseries.

During the Civil War the college so ably with- The prisons of Tai-vuan-fu admit the ministr^r of

stood its difficulties that, in 1865, under the man- priests. The Third Order of St. Francis is organised

agement of Father McQuade, it had to enlarge its among the laity. During the World War none of the

building to twice the original size. In 1867 Father missionaries were mobilized, but in the last five years

McQuade was appointed Bishop of Rochester and 12 missionaries have died of typhus, prevalent in this

Rev. Michael A. Corrigan, DJ)., was chosen presi- district. In 1920 the famine resulting from the droui^t

dent. In 1873 Dr. Corrigan was appointed Bishop of the preceding sunmier caused one million deaths,

of Newark and his brother, the Rev. James H. This was the lowest mortality from this cause in all

Corrigan, A.M., succeeded him. Dr. Corrigan the pro vmces, due to the efforts of the missionanes

resigned in 1888 and Rev. William F. Marshall, and the Central Committee, founded by the pro-

whose term of office was marked by great financial jnincial government, who worked zealously to help

success for the college, was his successor, but in the sufferag poor. At Pmg-tin-chou, m the most

1897 illness forced Father Marshall to resign and afflicted district, they mamtamed at their own

Rev. Joseph J. Sinnott, D,D., became president, expense for a year and a half an orphanaae caring

for two years, until his death. Dr. Sinnott estab- [or nearly 400 starving boys and girls. In return

lished the Seton Hall High School and his sue- the grovernment officially recpmzed the work ^^^

cessor, Mgr. John A. Stafford, S.L.L., opened the vicariate by deooratmg it with the medal of civil

Bayley Hall Grammar School. After the golden merit.

jubilee of the college in .1906 Mgr StaffoM asked gj^^.^ Southern, Vicariate Apostolic of

to be reheved of the presidency and Rt. Rev. Mgr (ariAfi.mMv^inin^AJta' of rV Tnul-7^^ in

r?r \^r:^ ?.^LtAt' st^H^ ^'"^ &:Tb!^^uS'e^i^i^^ekS^,

of the coUege. wm ^PI^^!^^** *» .^"f^f^.,3^"^ • and has an entirtsly Chinese population of whom

3tJ?^f^tu^l fJ^^^.^K^^^\^'^^'l'JS^k.l^: 32,g00areCatholic '. Rt. Rev. y^SrtOdoric Timmer.

I October, apostolic,

graduate ;'^ the hi^h school had a facniity^^^

with a student registration of 172 Since 1862 the g ^^^ ^^ g^ ^^ ^, ^^^l ^^^ Tertiary- degrees conferred by Seton Hall College are m ^uns, 1 theological semina^r^ with 8 students, 1 follows: Doctor of Laws, 42; Doctor of Science, preparatory semmary with 31 students, 3 colleges for 1 ; Master of Arts, 8; Master of Science, 1 ; Bache- j^^ ^j^j^ ^^ teachere and 185 pupils, 2 for girfi with lor of Arts, 4. 5 teachers and 66 pupils, 4 normal schools with SevlUe, Archdiocese of (Hispalensis; cf. C. E., ^ .tochers and 25 students, 250 elementary schools XIII— 744b), in Spain. The see is at present under ^^^ 265 teachers and 3750. pupils (boys and girls), the incumbeicy of Most Rev. Eustachio Ilundain The work of the mission is^camed^on by ^annual

Isti ^-—'esi

thT^semi^rryT^^appoli^ nurseries. The schools we not supported by the

November, 1904, consecrated 12 March, 1905, pro- Government but some of the pupife receive a sub-

moted to the rank of Archbishop of SeviUe at the ^^X Y^m the provincial government. The AcUon

Consistory of 16 December, 1920, succeeding Sociale Cathohque is organized among the laity.

Cardinal Enrique Almarw v Santos transfene^ Shan-tung, Eastern, Vicariate Apostolic of

^^J^SAo ^^^-f '^••^i^^L^ 9^^^ (Scian-tom Orientaub cf. C. E., XIII-752C),

with 293 parishes divided mto ^ China, comprises a total populition of about

40? chapels 1751 pnests, 213 convents ^th 580 9 ooo,000 and includes three civ*a prefectures (Teng-

rehgious and 3204 listers. On 8 Dec 1917, there ctow-fu.Lai-chow-fu.Tsing-chow.fii), and twenty fom

was celebrated the third centei^^ subprefectures. It i^ entrusted to the Franciscan

bjr the canons to defend the dogma of the Immaculate p^^j;^^ ^j^^ ^^^^^ ^^^ apostolic is Rt. Rev.

Conception. Addodat Wittner, O. F. M., titular Bishop of MUet.

Sex, Freudian Theory OP. See Pstchoanaltbis. b. at Strasbiirg, 21 November, 1868, appointed

coadjutor with future succession, 29 Apru, 1907, and

Seychelles Islands. See Port Victoria, Diocese vicar apostolic 9 September, 1911. He resides at

OF. Che-fu. According to 1921 statistics there are