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Spiingfleld, Diocebe of (Campifontis; cf . C. E., ing the four years — 3 in France, 3 in Kamerun. All XIV — ^236d). in Massachusetts, suffragan of Boston, of them returned safely, but four of them have been The present oishop is Rt. Rev. Thomas M. O'Leary, sent to Kamerun to replace the German Fathers, who b. 1875, ordained 1897, elected 16 June, 1921, had that mission formerly. There are now 30 priests consecrated 8 September following, succeeding and 5 lav brothers in charge of 11 missions: St. Bishop Beaven (d. 5 October, 1920). The Catholic Gabriel, Stanleyville (2), Avakubi, Lokandu, Bana- population of the diocese is 332,758. There are: Ijra, Ba8oko,Bafwalaka, Beni,YanongeandPonthier- 366 secular priests, 26 regular priests, 188 churches ville. All the last four have cla}r-wall churches, with resident priests. 26 missions with churches, 2 the others have brick churches in Roman or colleges with 915 stuaents, 2 academies, 72 parochial Gothic style; there are at least 250 small rural chapels, schools with 34,085 pupils, 5 orphan asylums with The Franciscan Missionary Sisters of Maiy nave 626 orphans, 35,751 young people under Catholic establishments at St. GabneL Basoko. and Stanley- care, 1 House of the uood Snepherd, 8 hospitals, 1 ville Geft bank); the Marist Brothers nave charge of infant asylum with 90 inmates, 5 homes for the aged the state school at Stanleyville (right bank). There poor with 326 inmates, 3 homes for working girls. are 11 central schools with 1249 pupils; and 116 rural

^ ^^ 'schools taught by catechists with 1292 pupils. The

StanUUwow, Diocjbsb of (Stanislaopolibnsis; Sisters have 3 girls' schools with 120 pupils; the

cf . C E., XIV— 247a), of the Greek-Ruthenian Rite Brothers have a primary school at Stanleyville with

in Galicia, Poland, suffragan of Lwow (Lembersp. 300 pupils; a clerical school with 14 pupils; and a

Almost the entire diocese was laid waste during the profess&nal school with 50 pupils. In October, 1921,

World War; many of the churches were desecrated, pe^ie %tminaire was opened at Bafwalaka with 22

destroyed or burnt; many priests were driven out of students. Each mission, except Stanleyville (right

the country, and many died m prison, but m spite bank), has a dispensary and in case of necessity takes

of the numberless adversities they never failed in true in abandoned children. The Sisters have a small

apostolic zeal for their flocks. The laity proved leper-hospital at St. Gabriel and visit the lazaret for

staunch defenders of their countrj', and every town sleeping-sickness victims, 2 miles from Stanleyville,

of the diocese suffered the death of at least 19 of its three tunes a week; they have charge, moreover, of

youth. The present bishop is Mjj. Gregory the European and the native hospitals of the Grand

Chomyszyn, bom at Chomyszyn m 1867, elected Lacs Railway at Stanleyville Oeft bank). In addition

16 April, 1904, to succeed Mgr. Szeptycki, promoted the mission has 14 workshops and 3 farms where the

to Lwow. Among the clefBr pf note recently de- natives are taught masonry , carpentry , gardening and

ceased are: Jeremias Gommickyj, O.S.B.M., the first agriculture, rector of the thelogical seminary at Stanislawow, and

^under of the wmvent of the Sisters Servants of the Stanton, William Jerome, Jesuit missionary b. Blessed Virjfin Maiy, exiled mto Symbirck, RuMia. at Staunton, Illinois, 8 February, 1870, d. at St. where he died in 1916; Analbert Halibej, spmtual Louis, 10 March, 1910, the son of Thomas Stanton director of the theologic^ semmaiy , butchered by and Regina Helen Brawner. Stanton entered the ^i^H^^l^*^.?^ ^^i^; ^.^ **^® Catholic population jgguit novitiate near Florissant, Missouri, 16 July, of 1,022,000, i^ose belonging to the Greek lUte sxe igg?. In 1894 he was sent to teach in St. Ignatius IJkramians. The Redemptonst Fathers of Stanis- CoUege, Chicago, and in 1896 to Detroit. In 1896 lawow embraced the Greek Rite jn 1919 and founded he was sent to a newly opened coUege at Belize, the theu- first such monastery withrn the city itoelf. capital of British Honduras, Central America. Here There are 538 secular and 22 regular pneste and 12 he found time to coUect specimens of insects, cms- lay brothers; 22 deaneries; 433 parishes; Jm mother taceans, reptiles, ete.. the fauna of British Honduras, churches with 298 aflShated churches and 64 chapels; i^ iggg he returned to St. Louis for his theology, 5 Reformed Basihan monastene» for men; 2 monw^ but was sent in 1901 to Manila where he studied at tenes for women; 1 convent for women with 15 the observatory of the Spanish Jesuits and was or- foundations: 1 theological seminary; 1 colle|re for Gained in 1902, the first American priest to be or- lK>ys with 70 students, and 1 for girls with 40 students; Gained in the Philippines. In 1904 he returned to 1 normal school for girls with 6 teachers and 200 America and soon after left for Europe where he spent students; 9 orphanages; 12 day nursenM. The govern- his tertianship at Manresa near Barcelona, Spain, ment has established nonnal schools everywhere; Exceptional scientific gifts and equipment marked him ' about 6 seminanes fOT teachers of the nonnal schools, Qyt f^r fine work in entomology but he preferred to and 8 gymnasia. The religious organizations among go as a missionary to the Indians he had seen on his the clergy are: Society of the Immaculate Conception, vacations some years before in British Honduras, and Association of St. Peter; and among the laity: in October, 1905, he went back to Belize and soon Association of St. Nicholas. Apostleship of Prayer, jgft for the west of the colony to begin a new mission and chantable Association of St. John. among the Mayo Indians. He opened the mission «.^ . « «, «r . r alone and worked there for five years in face of everv Stanley-Palls, VicAjBIatb ^stolic op (db hardship, preaching, teaching, being the Good Stanley Falls; cf . C. E., XIV— 247), m Bdgina Shepherd to the half civilized natives of the district. Congo, 18 stiU governed by Mgr. Gabnel^mile At the end of 1909, although his quest for souls had Gnson, titular Bishop of Saialassus. Mct. Gnson been most fruitful, the vears of hardship had ruined was born at St Julien. m the Diocese of Verdun on 25 his health and Father Stanton was forced to return December, 1860, and ordamed in December, 1883. to St. Louis where he died of cancer. He ^omed the pneste of the Sacred Heart of St. Quen- Samuel Fowlb Tblpair. Jr. tin m 1886 and was professed on 13 September, 1887;

he was superior in Ecuador in 1890^ and was sent to Stetnamanger, Digcbsb of. See Szombathelf the Congo mission in 1897, becoming Prefect Apos- tolic of Stanley-Falls on 4 August, 1904; appointed Stoeger, Johann Baptist, Redemptorist lay Vicar Apostolic on 12 March, 1908. and consecrated brother, b, at Enrersfeld, near Vienna, on 4 October, at Rome by Cardinal Gotti on 11 October following. 1810; d. at Eggenburs, Austria, on 3 November, The vicariate has 13 Franciscan Sisters; 348 native 1883. He was received into the Redemptorist Con- catechisto; 22,929 Catholics and 20,042 catechumens; gegation as a coadjutor brother 18 Mareh, 1840. 2991 baptisms were administered last year. The war The forty-six years which he passed in religion in the called away 6 missionaries, who were under arms dur- humble role of assistant cook and baker he sanctified