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Mother Stuart's life were saddened by the events schools with 30 teachers and 815 pupils; 1 high school

pf the war; the Sacred Heart Convent at Li^ fell with 4 teachers and 42 pupils; 2 orphanages, 1 for

into the hands of the Germans and the nuns fled to boys with 40 children, ana 1 for girls with 68 children.

Brussels; several days later word was brought to The Government to a certain extent contributes to

her that two of her religious in Toumai haa been the support of the orphanages and to some of the

shot. She was cut ofif from conununication with Catholic schools. In Padang the laitv have the

her other houses on the continent, and with the Society of St. Vincent de Paul and in Medan an or-

help of friends she left the mother house at Ixelles ganization for social uplift, and one for political

and went to Roehampton, where she died several ends, months later. Mother Stuart's wide and deep

culture, her breadth of view, her understanding of Superior, Diocbsb of (Superiorbnbib; cf. C. E.,

childr^i, her perfect balance, ner choice spirit as well XIV — 336c), in Wisconsin, suffragan of Milwaukee,

as her distinction of style, are shown m her two Ac6ording to the statistics of 1922 there were 57,509

publii^ed works "The Education of Catholic Girls" Catholics in the diocese, including 54,224 whites and

(1911), which established her reputation as a great 3285 Indians. Rt. Rev. Augustin Francis Schinner,

educator; and the "Society of the Sacred Heart" first bishop of the diocese, resigned 15 Jan., 1913,

(1914), a character sketch, exquisitely etched, of the and was succeeded by Rt. Rev. Joseph M. Koudelka,

institute of whose e»Llted type of spirituality she was b. at Clistowo, diocese of Budweis, 8 Dec., 1852,

such a perfect expression. ordained 8 Oct., 1875, consecrated aiudliaiy bishop of

Edith Donovan. Cleveland and titular bishop of Germamcopolis 25

Feb., 1908, transferred to Milwaukee as auxiliary

Btuhlwolasenburg, Diocbbb of. See Szbkbs- bishop, 4 Sept., 1911, appointed to the see of Superior,

rEHERVAB e Aug., 1913, made assistant at the pontifical throne

fi»^. Q^T^^^oT.^** 13 July, 1917. He died 24 June, 1921. He founded

Styria, See Jugoslavia ^^ diocesan home for orphans in 1914, and was a

Suau, Pierre, historian, b. in Guadeloupe, West aealous missionanr among the Slavic races. The see Indies, on 7 June, 1861; d. on 15 August, 1916. For js still vacant. Dimng tiie war 3 prieste became chap- a long time on the editorial staff of the Etudes, Father jaiM m the army, 1135 Cathohcj jomed the umy, 220 Suau,besides contributing to its pages, is the author of joined the navy. Of these 27 wm| killed and 49 several books which attracted considerable attention, wounded. The diocese contains 68 parishes, 153 notably his "History of St. Francis Borgia," "Heroic churches, 85 missions, 28 mission stations, 11 con- Spain,'^' "The Society of Jesus," "Rudolph Hequa- vents for men, 29 for women with 266 sisters, 98 viva,'^ and others. His "France in Madagascar" was secular priests, 21 regulars, 7 lay brothers and 5 crowned by the French Academy. He was a quick, seminarians who Me being educated in senunanes m incisive wnter whose broad strokes which sketched a other dioceses. Educational institutions mclude 2 landscape or depicted a character, immediatelyheld the hig^ schools, 1 academy, 22 elementaiy schools with attention of the reader. He was educated at Toulouse 4355 pupils, 2 mdustnal schools with 302 pupils, and Angers and became a Jesuit in 1878. On a scrap There are 8 hospitals and 1 orphan asylum m the of paper, written long before his demise, were found diocese. Ten pubhc msUtutions admit the ministry the words: "I request that no one be permitted to of priests. Two aasodations exist among the clergy write the smallest necrological notice about me." and eight among the laity.

Sublimation, Psychological. See Psychoanaly- ^ S^m^* Diocbsb of (Seousibnsis; cf . C. E.,

gig XIV — 345a), m the provmce of Turm, Southern

Italy, suffragan of Turin. It reports 62 parishes,

Sumatra, Prefectttre Apostolic of (cf . C. £.. 130 secular priests, a convent of Friars Minor Con-

XIV — 333c), embraces the island of Sumatra and ventuals, (the building being an example of perfect

some of the lesser surrounding islands, including Gothic), an institute of Sisters of the Third Otderof

Banka and Billiton. The inhabitants number St. Francis, founded by Rt. Rev. E. G. Rosas,

6,300,000, of whom 145,000 are in Banka and 68,- bishop of Susa (d. 1913), which haa other founda*

500 in Billiton The Catholic population is 6754; tions at Turin and in Switzerland; an institute of

a:nd includes 5081 Europeans, 912 Japanese or Chinese the Sisters of St. Joseph with foundations within

and 706 Malays. There are 180,000 Protestants, and without the diocese, with hospices for pupils

600,000 pagans, and the rest mostly Mohammedans, of the primary and secondary schools. There is a

The principal mission centers are: Padang, Medan, diocesan seminary with 60 seminarians. The Fran-

Kolta Radia, Sawah Loento, Font de Kock, Palem- ciscan Sisters have charge of a home for old people

bang, Telok Betong, Tandjong Sakti, Sambong in and of an orphana^ for girls: the Sisters of Cnanty

Bai^, MangKar in Billiton. The soil is rich and of a hospital and infant asylum and the Sisters of

well cultivated, yieldmg tobacco, coffee, tea, rubber, St. Joseph of an elementaiy poor school, which is

pepper, wood, etc. The principal mineral products supported by the Government. A mutual benevo-

are petroleum, coal and gold. The present prefect lent association is established among the clergy and

apostolic is Rt. Rev. Mathias Brans, who succeeded among the laity there are circles for Catholic youth

the late Bishop Liberatus Cluts, d. 23 April, 1921, and ^oups of Catholic women with their own con-

alter a life of zealous labors, first among the people stitutions and residences. "La Valsura", a Catholic

of Borneo, and lastly in the Prefecture Apostolic of weeklv, is published by the Tipografia Pia San Carlo,

Sumatra. Seventeen Capuchins look after the 7 The clergy took an active part m all the committees

larger and 15 lesser stations and the 15 churches, and formed during the war to assist the families of the

frequently during the year joume}r to about ICX) combatants. The priests of the city founded and

different localities to attend the resident Catholics, maintained for four years the only Casa dei Soldati.

Thev are assisted in their labors by 4 Capuchin lay The present bishop is Rt. Rev. Umberto Rossi,

brothers, 41 Sisters of Charity from TilburK,,and 19 elected at the Consistory of 13 June, 1921, succeed-

lay catechists. For the purpose of teachins the ing Mgr. Giuseppe Castelli, who was bishop of Susa

young, the Brothers of the Congregation of TDbuig from 1911 until nis transfer to Cuneo.

and flie Franciscan Sisters from Dongen in Holland - ^ »,

are expected to take up their residence in the pre- Suspension (cf. C. E., XIV— 345d), is a censure

fecture this year (1922). There are 10 elementary by which a cleric is deprived totally or partially of his