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Tabasco, Diogbbe of (TABASQtJBNsis; cf. C. E., baptized after receiving instruction, 303 aultsd

XiV — 423b), in the Republic of Mexico, suffragan baptized at the point of death, 1533 children of

of Yucatan, with episcopal residence at San Juan^ Christian parents and 1310 children of Pagans bap-

Bautista. This see is tilled by Rt. Rev. Antonio tized when dying; annual confessions, 20 fi&; confes-

Hernandez, bom in Tepiiulco, 23 July, 1864, served sions repeated 52,749; Easter communions, 20,360;

as a canon of the Cathedral and vicar general of the communions repeated; 174,424; confirmations, 365;

diocese of Chilapa, and was appointed bishop 2 marriages, 301; extreme-unctions, 421; and holy

December^ 1912, succeeding Rt. Rev. Leonardo viatica, 282. At the close of the year the vicariate

Castellanos, app. 22 March, 1908, d. 19 May, 1912. counted 528 catechumens.

The diocese embraces a population of about 100,000. _ .. . ^ ., v ^

No recestati Tamanllpas (or Ciitdad Victoria), DiocBaB or

(Tamaulipanensis; cf. C. E., XTV — 440c). com-

Tacambaro, Diocese of (Tacaubarensis), in prises the Mexican State of the same name ana seven

Mexico, erected by a decree of 29 July, 1913, which parish^in the State of Vera Cruz, suffiMMi of Lin-

took seven parishes from the diocese of Michoacan ares- The present bishop is Mgr. Jose Guadalupe

and 16 from Zamora and formed them into the new Ortiz, b. at Momax, diocese of Zacatecas, 12 Deceno-

diocese. However, on account of poUtical troubles ber, 1867, elected 24 January, 1919, and consecrated

the diocese was not really organized until recently. 18 June followme, to succeed Mgr. Guzman, de-

when the first bishop was appointed in the person of ceased. The revolution impeded to a griM.t extent the

Rt. Rev. Leopoldo Lara, 23 December, 1920. He progress of the Church m this state. The episcoj»l

was bom in Quiroga, diocese of Michoacan in 1875 residence is at Qudad Victoria, the capital of Tamaufa-

and was servmg as a pastor there when he received pa** The Catholic population is given at 315.000

his appointment. Statistics for the diocese are although the figures probably mean nominal Catholics,

not yet published. There are 30 parishes, 45 churches, 25 secular priests.

15 sisters, 4 colleges for girls with 20 teachers ana

TaMti, Vicariate Apostouc of (Insularum 400 students, and 1 asylum.

Tahiti; cf. C. E.. XIV — 430a), comprises the most •r««-«o»iw« \r,^.»,A.». A«^om^TT^ ^» /^^

important of the ^iety Islanct. It is entrusted to ^ Tananarive, Vicariate Apostolic of (db

the^ionaries of PicpL and has its episcopal resi- Tananarive; cf C- E. XVI-«b) , in Ma^^

dence at Papeete. The present vicar apostolic is ^^ residence at Tananarive. It compnsM^e tem-

Rt. Rev. AnSrtAthamise^Iermel, appoinS^tular J?^,^^,™?'^^ ^^T f, ^^Ji.'^^iJ'^^^lJ^i

Bishop of Casium and coadjutor ti tW former vicar S^^ll'^l ^Sr^S^f' Ji^il^^^^pf P^pv n!^^^

15 MJy, 1905 succeeding is vicar, in March, 1908. J^Sse'l^S^e^Tu^^^^

According to 1920 statistics the vicariate comprises *^h*""*»^ ^^ «aii*ic, ww^aw a^wuva#v« «•.>»•»», -^

r w^S^^,it*;^«^ oQ Son ^f ^1^ rrrn 7*^ pomted coadjutor to the Vicar Apostouc of Central

MormoM), Md 1700 Pagana, The mission is irved ^' ^?^' •'?f'*^"'?:!f!?*tr.«ti^;J^ inTh!

by 30 missionary priesuS lay brothera, 15 Brothers of ^?1^*L?:!l?°'S^rV ^ J^k! W^ Th^^

hA of^hf if iu^jrio^f 4^ljSl' S.^noX??Cr£vraarSifef iK

|P^f^JSrfilSi?2a/or*K^^ys^ra ;ri^«iS^-iC! tetS-^ri^ ap^iS

^ to be the first Vicar Apostolic of Betafo, was conse-

Talgl, Anna Maria, Blessed. See Anna Maria crated here, his consecration being tlie first that has

Taigi, Blessed ever taken place m the capital of Madagascar. An

upi>er seminary has been established for recruiting Talko, Vicariate Apostolic of (de Taikou; cf. native clergy, and the Premonstratentian Fathers C. E., XVI — 85b), was formerly part of the Vicar- have been introduced into the territory to work in the iate Apostolic of Corea. By a decree of 8 April , 191 1 , region of Vatomandnr . An orKanisation for the native the northern part was taken to form the Vicariate Catholic youth, "Knishts of the Sacred Heart of Apostolic of Taiku, and entrusted to the Society of Jesus," has been established, and a society of native Foreign Missions of Paris. Rt. Rev. Florian-Jean- religious under the patronage of St. Francis Xavier Baptiste Demange, of this congregation was named has been founded. A bi-monthly review is published the first Vicar Apostolic, and appointed titular in Malgache and a French monthly, Messager du Bishop of Adrassus, 8 April, 1911. The vicariate Sacr6 Ckeur de Tananarive," is also published. Dur- takes its name from the city of Taiku where the ing a recent epidemic one of the missionaries devoted episcopal residence is situated. By latest statistics, himself entirely to caring for the needs of the stricken 1920-21 , the total Catholic population of this territory people. During Uie World War a number of the mis- numbers 30,672; it has 17 European missionaries, 7 sionaries were mobilized and called to France and two native priests, 7 Catechists, 2 European Sisters and were killed at the front. A number of the native 11 native Sisters, 15 districts, 71 churches and chap- Catholics also served in France and the Orient. At els, 403 mission stations, 27 schools for bo^ with 734 home the Catholics took an active part in all patriotic pupils, 5 schools for gjirls with 364 pupils and 119 endeavors. Reverend Mother Z&aide, superior of orphaned infants receiving care. Dunng the 3rear the the Sisters of St. Joseph of Cluny, and a missionary saoraments were administered as follows: 405 adults in Madagascar for almost fifty years, was given the