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1 college, 2 high schools, 8 lower seoondanrBchooIs and Aneelo Bartolomasi, bom in the diocese in 1S69.

141 elementaiy schools, the number of cnildren under studied at Graveno, Chiere and Turin, was ordained

instruction being 16,954. A sexninary at Trichur in 1892, served as a curate, was later laade a canon <if

prepares candidates for the seminaries of Puthemi>allY) the cathedral and professor in the seminary of

Kandy and Mangalore. The Vicar Apostolic Francis Chieri. On 24 November, 1910. he was appomted

Vazhapilly, appointed 5 April, 1921, and named titular Bishop of Derbe and auxiliary at Tunn, was

tituhtf Bishop of Philadelphia two days later, resides named first milituy chaplun of the Italian Army in

at Tdchur. 1915 and transferred to Trieste and Capo d'Istria 15

December, 1919. In 1920 he was made president of

Trier (Tbeves), Diocbse of rrRBViBBNais), the national conunittee of the Eucharistio Con^i^ss

fiuffragan of Cologne. Like many otner dioceses in and an honorary member of the permanent committee

Germany it has suffered innumerable hardships and of the international Eucharistic Congress. The dio-

privations in consequence of the World War. Many cese counts 409,794 Catholics, 8003 Protestants, 228

of the clergy who were subject to military duty were parishes and vicariates, 429 secondary parishes and

obliged to join the ranks, but the majonty of them 46 regular deigy. were given duties as chaplains at the front or in

hospitals. The priests labored indefatixably to Trlneomalie, Diocese of (Trxncomauensib; cf« 

ameliorate the misery and distress causeof by the C. £., XV— 45c), in Ceylon, sufframn of Colombo,

war, by comforting the soldiers and consoling the was created in 1893 by a division <» the Diocese of

relatives of those who had fallen on the field of battle. Jaffna. The diocese comprises the whole of the East-

The laity willingly offered their services and their em Province, as well as the District of Tamankaduwa.

fortunes for the cause and are enduring untold misery Out of a total population of 195,000, the Catholics

and suffering in consequence. The cnildren are the number 8946, with 29 churches and chapels, served by

object of the greatest solicitude, as it is impossible to 15 fathers and four lay brothers of the French Prov-

obtain adequate food for their sustenance. During ince of the Society of Jesus, with two secular priests,

these days of trial the diocese was ably administered Candidates for the priesthood are sent to Kandy or

by^Rt. Kev. Michael Felix Korum, who on 15 Aug., Trichinopoly Seminaries. There are 45 schools, with

1921, had the privilege of celebrating his fortieth 2740 pupils and two Convents of the Sisters of the

anniversary as bishop. He died 4 December, 1921, Apostolic Carmel of Mansalore, with two oiphanages

and his successor has not yet been appointed. The and two Industrial Schools attached to the ccmvents.

see also has an auxiliary bishop, Rt. Kev. Anthony A diocesan congrmtion of the native Sisters of the

Moench, titular Bishop of Polystilium. Presentation of "nincomalie was started in 1920.

In 1912 the International Marian Congress was The present bishop is Gaston Robiches, S.J., ap-

held at Trier. The diocese contains 1,814,240 pointed 22 March, 1917, who resides at batticaloa.

German inhabitants, of whom 1,336,888 are Catholics Bom in Aire-sur-la-Lys, France, in 1867, he studied

and 477,352 belong to other faiths. There are 768 at Sainte Marie d'Aire and the lower seminary of

parishes, 829 churches, 930 mission churches and Arras, and after his ordination was given charge, suc-

chapels, 4 monasteries and 1 abbey for men, 213 cessively, of tlie missions of Lille, Amiens, Boulo^e,

monasteries with 3855 Sisters, 560 lay Brothers in Ceylon and Trincomalie, where he served as yicar

16 monasteries. There are 1126 secular and 196 general.

regular priests, 55 of whom are either retired or on ^ * ^ « «^, -• -v

leave of absence. The diocesan seminary is at Trier Trlnitarlana, Order of; (cf. C. E., XV— 45d).—

and has a regent, 7 clerical professors, and 240 In 1912 the Trinitarians had 7 houses m the Roman

students. In 1921 there were 90 gymnasia (9 or 6 province, of which 3 were in Rome, and the others

years' classical course), with 12,100 students (6500 m Rocco di Papa, Palestrina, Anagni, and L^^m

boys and 5600 girls); 2 normal schools (500 students); in Etruria. Dependent on the Roman province are

4300 common elementary schools with 2600 male the Prefecture Apostolic of Benadir in Italian Somali-

teachera and 17 female teachers (12,100 students); land, Africa, and 4 flounshmg foimdations m the

14 industrial schools (3600 students); 3 mission United States at Asbuiy Ptok,N. J., Long Branch,

schools connected with the convents of the missionary N. J., R«i Bank. N. J., and Hamsbuig, P^n.

orders. The following institutions are established The spreadingof the order in North Amenca is due

in the diocese: 47 orphan asylums, 7 homes for woric- to the seal of Fr. Antoninus a Jesu, provmcial of the

ing girls, 10 homes for juveniles. 23 homes for day Roman province. The Spanish' province numbers

laborers, 31 refuges, 117 hospitals in charse of 8 convents in Spain, from where the Trinitarians were

Sisters, 2 houses of correction in charge of the Nuns expeUed in 1835 but returned in 1879; amons the

of the Good Shepherd, 164 day nurseries. The Spanish houses is the old convent of Cordova.

following societies are organised among the clergy: Outside of Spain, belonging to the Spanish province,

UnioApostolica, Marian Congregation* Pious Society are the Roman CoUe^ of S. Carioalle Quatoo

of Missions. The laity have orgamzed relisious, Fontane, a foundation m Cuba, and several m Chile.

charitable and social associations among which the The Neopolitan province has 4 convents, and the

most prominent are: Society of St. Vincent de Austrian province has 2 convents, one in Viennaand

Paul, Elizabeth Verein, numerous sodalities for men one in Augustendorf. TTie order numbers sevenl

and women, boys and girls, the Albertus Magnus hundred members, most of whom are Spanish and

Association, Borromaeus Association, Peoples' League Italian and a few German and French,

for Catholic Germany, Working Men and Women's The Italo-Turkish War (1911-12) brougjht tooablea

Association and Mechanics' Association. A Catholic on the Trinitarians and immediately after the oiit^

periodical for priests caUed the "Pastor Bonus" is break of the World War (1914) the order gave ita

published in the diocese. buildings for the use of the Red Cross, and the pnests

cared for the wounded soldiers in the hospitals. A

Trieste and Oapo d'IMila, Diocbsb ot CTvbjokb- convalescent home opened in the convent at Ger^

TiNBNBis BT JuOTrNOPOUTANENsiB; cf. C. E., XV— hofcr was supported by chiuitdWe contributions of

45b), in the provinces of Camiola and Istria, Italy, people in the neighborhood. The provmcial was

suffragan of Gdn-Gradiska. Rt. Rev. Andr^ untuing in his seal for the wounded. During, the

Karlin, appointed to this see 6 February, 1911, retired war communication with the missions was «ntMy

and was transferred to the titular see of Themiscyra cut off. The minister aeneral. Rev. Antonio deU

16 December, 1919. He was succeeded by Rt. Rev. Assunsione, elected in May, 1906, suooeedinip Rflv.