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Gregorio di Gesu e Maria who had been minister bishop and priests did all in their ]x>wer to relieve the general since 1891. was succeeded in May, 1919 suffering^ and showed great devotion and charity in by Rev. Francisco Saverio dell' Immacolata. A new distributing clothes and food and in caring for the cardinal protector, Cardinal Teodoro Valfre di sick. The diocese comprises 45,000 Maronite Bonzo was appointed 3 Feb., 1920. Among the Catholics, 107 parishes, 105 churches, missions con- notable deceased in 1921 were: Rev. Ambrogio di S. ducted by the Jesuits, Vincentians and Carmelites, Giovanni Battista, definitor general from 1900-19, at Hemesia, Tripoli, and Cabayath, 140 Maronite d. 25 Feb., 1921, at the age of ninety-one years; secular priests, 3 monasteries tor men and 1 for Rev. Ramon de Nuestra Sefiora de los Afflicionados, women, 3 convents for men and about 40 for women, one of the founders of the Trinitarian college at 16 lay brothers, 1 seminary, 15 seminarians, 2 col- Cardenas, Cuba, and military chaplain for two years, le^ for bo3rs and 2 for &^t 40 elementary schools d. at Santiago de Nubles, Chile, 31 Oct., 1921: with 45 teachers and about 2000 pupils, and Inospital. Commander Joseph Hercules Massi, professea Various other charities are conducted by the French Tertiary, chief guardian of the Vatican Museums, Sisters of Chanty and of Mercy. A number of the and wnter, d. 21 Dec., 1921. schools receive miancial aid from the French High

The Trinitarian Nuns came to the United States Commission. Two periodicals are published in the

in 1920, at the reauest of Cardinal Archbishop diocese.

Dou^ertv of Philaaelphia. Four Sisters arrived The see is a bishopric for the Greek-Melkite Rite

in Bristol. Penn., in November ahd their number and is at present fiUed by Rt. Rev. Joseph Doumani.

has since been incresksed by American novices. The Basilian. oom in Damascus in 1849. and consecrated

Calced Spanish Trinitarian Nuns have houses at: as first bishop 21 March, 1897. On 22 November,

Badajoz; Buraos; CaUs, Castellon de la Plana: 1915, the Turks, falsely accusing him of being a spy,

S. Clemente, Cuenca; Alcala la Real, Andujar, and put to death the Abb6 Anatole Meseray, a French

Martos, Jaen; Villena, Murcia; ViUoruela, Saliuoianca; priest who was acting as secretary to the bishop.

Laredo, Suances, and Suesa, Santander; Noya, FoUowing upon this outrage the bishop and his

Santiago; Toboso. Toledo. The Discalced Spanish vicar general, the Archimandrite John Chimara,

Trinitarian Nuns nave houses at Madrid and Valencia who sacrificed himself to accompany his superior,

and dependent on the mother-house of Valencia are were exiled at Sivas and at Tokat, where they suf-

convents at Concentaina, Estivella, Rivarrojak, fered imprisonment, cold, hunger and cruelty for

Picasent, Godella, Benimamet, Biar, Ontur, Casas three years and a half. Tne diocese comprises about

Ibanez. Castellar, Vallada, Burjasot, Bechi, lijona, 6000 Greek Catholics who have been cared for

and Aaraneta del Meastra. On 27 Feb.. 1912, the by Bishop Doumani for twenty-six yeans. Latest

process of beatification of Sister Angela Maria of the statistics credit it with 15 parishes, 6 churches, 10

Immaculate Conception, reformer of the Trinitarians chapels, 16 secular and 3 regular clergy and 11

and foundress of the convent at Toboso, was intro- elementary schools with 11 teachers and «X) pupils,

duced. Bl. Anna Maria Taigi, professed Trinitarian For the I^tin Rite Tripoli is a titular see. Those

tertiary, was proclaimed bleraea 30 May, 1920. Catholics of the Syrian Kite residing here are under

In July, 1917, the Trinitarians received from the jurisdiction of the Archdiocese of Beirut.

Cardinal Archbishop Piffl of Vienna the Imperial ,«_^ „ « * « »

Jubilee Church at Vienna-Donaustadt. In 1918 at Tripoli, Prefecture Apostolic of. See Libya,

their general assembly the Holy Trinitv Brotherhood Vicariate Apobtouc of

resolved to hereafter hold their monthly services in nwu,,*,,*-* •n,^^-.^™ r>- /as.««r»m»«,^T»^T<„<,. -* r« i?

this church instead of at St. Peter's. This and Tirtvento, Diocese of (Triventinensis; rf^C.E.,

recent aflUiations of various branches of the Brother- ?P^,"^^' !? T P'S^"^ ♦5^*2^?^^' Southern

hood will re-establish the former unity existing be- ^^^r^tT^^^if dependent on the Holy See This see

tween the Brotherhood and the SteSan O^^^ ^ ^«S?.^y ^^ iP- ^^"^ ^^' J^^ m Bnsighella

The present minister general, Rev. JwSco Saverio ^ l^f^'r^^^ T S^ foTi'*^ ""a ^'"""^'^ °iT^k*

deU' Immacolata, eLblished the "Acta Ordinis Prelateof the Holy S^m 1911, and app^^

SanctisSSaTrinitet^alpuScationconte^^ ^"T^^ ^f ^t^r^^li' The diocese^as a Cathoho

sides documents refening to thrgeneral government P^P^^^'pn of 130,000, 59 parishes, 170 secular pnests.

of the order, notes on itfhistory. The fct number ^P^f^^^*^™^' ^ ^^°* '^'^^ ^^ ""^"^^ "^^

appeared in 1919. ^*^P^^-

, Troyes, Diocese of (Trecensis; cf. C. E.,

Trinity College, for Catholic women, situated in XV — 67b), in the department of Aube, France,

Washington, D. C, under the direction of the Sisters suffragan of Sens. The see is filled by Rt. Rev.

of Notre Dame de N4mur, has grown since 1912, Marie-Etienne Laurent Monnier, bom m Poliniy,

from a registration of 160 students to 363 in 1921. France, in 1847, studied under the Jesuits at Mets

This same year the number of degrees conferred and at St. Sulpice in Paris, was ordained in 1871,

was as follows: PhJ)., 1; MA., 1; BJS., 2; BA., served as rector of the Cathedral of St. Claude, dean

77. The faculty is composed of 11 professors from of St. Aubin, made a titlar canon in 1894, arch-

the Catholic University, 3 lay instructors and the priest of the cathedral in 1898 and appointed bishop

Sisters of Notre Dame who teach in various de- 12 October, 1907. The diocese is divided into 423

partments. parishes and 27 vicariates, comprising a total popula-

tion of 240,255 of whom 55,586 are in Troyes proper.

Tripoli, Archdiocese of (Tripolitanensis; cf. By latest statistics there are 290 secular and 18

C. E., Xy — 60c), a see of the Maronite and Greek regular cler^, 2 convents of women, 7 convents of

Melkite Rites in Syria. The Maronite see is filled men, 2 seminaries, 56 seminarians, 1 diocesan college

by Most Rev. Anthony Arida, bom in B^charr6 with 17 teachers and 150 students, 1 professional

(the city of the Cedars of Lebanon), in 1863, studied school with 4 teachers and 30 pupils, 20 elementary

at St. Sulpice at Issy, and in Paris, was ordained in schools with 32 teachers and 1000 pupils, 3 houses of

1890, served as secretary to the Patriarch of Syria, retreat, 1 asylum and 1 nursery, all other charitable

wa§ made an honorary cnamberlain in 1905 and con- institutions being conducted by the state or com-

secrated 18 June, 1908. During the World War all mune. These, however, permit the priests to minister

this temtory. suffered severely and altogether the in them. A daily journal, 'Q'Avenir de I'Aube," and

diocese lost about 100.000 Maronites, through per- a Catholic weekly review of the diocese are pub-

secution,. famine, pestilence and other causes. The. lished, and the St. Vincent de Paul Society and