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Wagga-Wagga, Diocesg of (Corvopolitanien- years in higher studies in the Dunboyne EstabUah-

si8)y separated from the dioceses of Goulburn and ment. iln 1867 at the age of twenty-oixne taught dog-

Wilcannia and erected into the new diocese 28 July, matic and moral theology. He became vice-president

1917. It is bounded on the south by the Murray of the Maynooth College in 1878, and at the dealii of

River to a point ten miles west of Tocumwal: on the Dr. Russell succeeded him as president. He was an

west by a Ime extending from that point on the Mur- authority on the social, economic and educational

ray, to the western boundary of County Cooper; on questions of liie day and a strong advocate of the

the north by a line about 25 miles north of the South- claims of the Irish tenantry, and in 1881 gave his

West Railway, including the irrigation area, 4 miles support to Gladstone's Land Bill. His "Plam Elxpo-

north of Yenda and 7 miles east of it to Ullabo: thence sition" of the Bill was published at the time; in 1883

in a southeasterly line to Khancoban and the Murray, his book entitled 'The Queen's Colleges and the Royal

The first bishop, Rt. Rev. Joseph Wilfred Dwyer, was University of Ireland" challenged public attention,

bom in Maitland, N. S. W., 12 October, 1869, and On the death of Archbishop McCabe of Dublin in

was consecrated 13 October, 1918, by the Apostolic 1885, Dr. Walsh was named his successor, in spite of

Delegate, Mgr. Cattaneo, assisted by 12 archbishops the opposition of the Government, which sent Sir

and bishops, and thrity priests. The episcopal resi- George Errington to Rome to protest against the

denoe is at Wagga-Wagga. During the past year appointment. From the beginning, heldentified him-

(1921) the diocese was greatly stirred by the Ligouri self with the cause of the people, m public meeUn^B,

case, in which Bridget Mary Partridge ^ otherwise the pulpit and the press. He was present as a witness

known as Sister Ligouri, brought suit agamst Bishop in tne Pamell trial and gave evidence of the utmost

Dwyer for slander. Having run away from her con- importance; and waa many times mediator in trade

vent and taken refuge with a Protestant family, she disputes and strikes. In recognition of his services,

_ . . writer

lasting several days. The Catholic population even on such subjects* as Gregorian Music" and

of this territory comprises 20,000 Irish, 200 English "Bimetalism." During his entire episcopal career he

and 1000 of German descent. Latest statistics credit was deeply interested in the cause of education, espe-

the diocese with 18 parishes, 53 churches, 100 mission cially in the matter of university training, in which the

stations, 2 convents for men, 15 for women, 24 secular Catholics labored under grave disabilities. As early

clergy, 8 teaching Brothers, 132 nuns, 2 colleges for as 1883 his treatise, "The Queen's Colleges and the

girls with 12 teachers and 158 students, 4 high schools Royal University of Ireland" on this question had

with 24 teachers and 230 pupils. 18 elementary schools challenged pubhc attention. At a later date his

with 70 teachers and 2600 pupils, and 1 orphanage for "Trinity College and the University of Dublin" and

Sirls with 73 orphans, conducted by the Sisters of "Trinity College and Its Medical School" proved very

lercy. The priests minister in 7 public hospitals effective. When the new National Univeraity of

and 1 jail. The only aid any of the Catholic institu- Ireland was chartered he was appointed its first

tions receive from the government is an occasional Chancellor. In regard to recent history in Ireland he

fift of £50. The Hibernian-Australian Catholic pointed out in 1917 that the National Party had in

tenefit Society, the Australian Catholic Guild and the effect agreed to partition Ireland, and he openly sup-

St . Vincent de Paul Society are established among the ]>orted the Republican candidate at the general elec-

laity . tion in 1918; subscribed to the forbidden &il Eireann

loan in 1919; and was vigorous in his denimciation of

Waghadugn, Vicabiate Apostolic of (db the excesses of the British forces in Ireland. OuAGADOuoon), erected by a decree of 2 July, 1921.

through a division of the Vicariate Apostolic ot tktm..^ tn , a • • • i. ^

Saharl: It includes all the territory east of a line k^!^; J"L±'v ^n^l^' A^fJ^f "ISl*. *H ^

drawn from 5^ west to a bJce south of the River Niger ^^^0^ S^ i'«. nf f..fh^A.l^iJ'^

in the city of Timbuctu, from here to the boundwy ?®^\^?A^^^J u ^® ^^ 5? If r ^£*^^*^' ^^

line of the three civil provinces of Bandia^uS^ m his childhood became a Catholic. Afterstufying m

^ugu and Babodiubaso; included in this VicaHate ^fJSH^l^ aT,?:!^^? 1^'?%}^^'^^^^ ^u'

It is Intrusted to the White Fathers, the first vicar ^^f}:lk?^j\^^,^^^

Apostolic being Rt. Rev. Joanny fherenoud, ap- J^^, ""^^"^^J^ ^^^' ^^ f?^'P\'^« ^ J^ "^^"^

poln^ titular Bishop of Sitifis 18 July, 1921, hivi^ ^^^^ , ^^^^^^ numerous Cathohc stations . and

U^\^rL^VinaT /^« «; Tnixr nrom'/^iia «»»"H& churchcs there. He was stationed at Chnstiania as

been named vicar on 6 July previous. ^^^ (1882-83) and as rector (1886-99), and at

Waitsen, Dioges op. See Vacz TromsS as rector (1883-84); in the latter year he

accompanied the Prefect-Apostolic of Norway on his

Wales, Church OP England IN. See Angucanism visitation to Hammerfest and Alten. Subsequently

he was secretarv to Mgr. Fellize, the prefect Apostolic,

Walsh, William J., Archbishop of Dublin; b. and was named a member of the Council of tiieprefec- there on 30 January, 1841; d. there on 9 April, 1921. ture. In 1899 he was nominated as rector at Bereen, He was educated at St. Lawrence O'Toole Seminary and acted as dean of Western Norway. He was ecUtor and at the Catholic University, when it was directed of "St. Olav," a Christiania Cathohc magazine, and by Doctor (Cardinal) Newman. He then went to, contributed several articles to '^Ths Cathouc En- Maynoothi and after his regular course spent three' ctclopedia."