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The mother general, aided by several assistants, property. If the bishop governed two dioceses in rules the congregation and is under the direct author- succession or united dioceses, these objectfl should be ity of the Holy See, though each community, in- returned to the various cath^lrals according to the eluding the mother-house, is under the jurisaiction source of the ori^n of the money with which they of the ordinaries in their respective dioceses. A were acquired, or if the united dioceses have a common postulate has been opened in Levis. P. Q., Canada, revenue, they should be divided equally between to receive aspirants from North and South America, them. Bishops, therefore, should leave a statement The congre^tion received a laudatory Brief in 1887, showing what property was obtained through their was conditionally approved for five years in 1888, private funds or by donMioos, otherwise it will be this approbation being received in 1897 and 1901, presumed by the canon law that the property was and was definitively approved 14 Dec., 1909. acquired with revenues derived from the Church.

What is said about residential bishops applies also to Wichita, DiocBSB OF (Wichitensib; cf. C. E., any cleric who holds a secular or religious benefice. XV — 616b),inKan8as, suffragan of St. Louis. Bishop Novices in religious coogregations, before making Hennessy died 13 July, 1920, and was succeeded by their temporary vows, must make a will disposing Rt. Rev. Aug. J. Schwertner, installed 22 June, 1921. freely of whatever property they have then or may The city of Wichita now has a population of 78,000, acquire later. After their simple profession they about 5000 of whom are Catholics. There are in the cannot lawfully change this will (validity is not in diocese 85 secular and 25 regular priests, 81 churches question) without leave of the Holy See or, in case of with resident pastors, 60 missions ¥rith churches. 8 hos- urgency, of a hi^er or even of a local sui)erior; but pitals, 49 parish schools (4 in Wichita), with 4862 a change giving the religious institute a notable part pupils, 1 high school with 13 pupils, 3 academies with of the property, say about 20 to 25 per cent, is for^ 470 pupils, and a Catholic population of 37,000. The bidden. As the Code does not refer to wills made in Redemptorists are now included among the reli^ous religious orders by those having only simple vows, orders of men and the Loretto Sisters and Franciscan the matter must be decided by the Constitutions of Sisters among the women. A weekly called the the various bodies which ordinarily allow such "Catholic Advance" is the diocesan or^an. Three of religious to dispose freely of their property by will, the diocesan priests served as chaplains during the VBBMBSRacH-CaBUftBN, Bpu. jur. can, war.

Wilmington, Diocese of (Wilmingtonienbib; Wilhelm, Joseph, theologian; b. at Montzen, cf. C. E., XV— 646d), including the State of Dela- Belgium in 1845; a. at Aachen, Germany on 4 ware, nine counties of Maryland and two of Virginia February, 1920. He studied at the University of east of Chesapeake Bay. Bishop Monaghan, who Li^ and in the German Collejge and Gregorian succeeded in 1897, still g;ovems the diocese, which Umversity, Rome, and was ordained in 1870. He now has 31 parishes, 20 missions, 40 stations, 31 par- subsequently taugnt philosophy for nine years, and ish churches, 1 monastery for women, 19 convents for was engaged in parish work in the diocese of South- women, 38 secular priests, 21 regulars. 1 lay brother, wark, England, for thirty years, being rector at 213 nims, 15 seminarians, 3 high schools, 3 academies, Shoreham from 1886 till 1899, and later at Battle 14 elementary schools with 127 teachers and an atten- ri900-ll). He returned to Aachen in 1911 where he dance of 4988, 1 colored industrial school with 5 died. He is the author of "The Family of Grace: teachers and an attendance of 664. There are three Pedigrees and historical Records from 1000) to asylums and one home for the a^d. A diocesan 1911"; "Manual of Dogmatic Theology" (2 vols,, benevolent association and the Pnests' Eucharistic in collaboration with T. fi. Scannell); 'The Catholic's League are or^nized among the clersy and among the Manual," a translation of Pesch's "Das religiose laity the Knights of Columbus, the Daughters of Leben' ' ; he collaborated on * 'The Catholic Dictionary;" America^ the Society for the Propagation of the Faitii the Catholic Encyclopedia, and contributed to and pansh sodalities. The Catholic population of various Catholic reviews like the "Linzer theologische 34,300 includes Americans, Irish, German, English, Quartalschrift," and "Catholic Fortnightly Review" English-Scots, Italians, Poles, Greeks, Spaniards, (St. Louis); in addition he assisted in producing the Portugese, Bohemians and Ruthenians. During the English version of Janssen's "Geschichte des deuts- war eight priests of the diocese were in the service, chen Yolkes," and was editor of the "International One was cnaplain at the naval base at Lewes, Del., Catholic Library." where he died of the influenza in the service of his

«r^,« ^«^ ^^^, -J /^i-i-n. -xrxT n^®"*- ^o**^ served at the front in France, one of ^Jl^ ^* Testament of Clerics (cf . C. E., XV— ^hom, while acting as a chaplain, was wounded; the 626d). --Among the privileges now granted to cardi- other three served as regular soldiers in the French nals IS the right to dispose ^ they list, even bv will, army. The remaining three acted as chaplains in the of the fruits of their benefices, with the following different camps in the United States. Rt. Rev. John hnutations: If any cardinal domiciled m Rome dies Lyons, V. G., died 3 April, 1916. his sacred equipment — excepting his nngs and pecto- ral crosses whetner or not containing rehos — and what- Winnipeg, Archdiocese of (Winnipegensis), ever is intended permanently for divine worship, no erected 4 December, 1915, comprises that portion of matter by what source of income it was obtained, the province of Manitoba, Canada, situated to the are to go to the pontifical treasury, unless the cardinal south of the line which divides townships 44 and ^, has donated or bequeathed them to a church, a and to the west of Lake Winnipeg and the Red River, public oratory, a pious place, or to an ecclesiastic or except that territory lying south of the line which religious. The Holy See, however, expresses the divides townships 9 and 10, and east of the meridian hope that he will make his titular cnurcn the bene- between the 12tn and 13th ranges west of the principal ficiary. If a residential bishop, even though he be meridian. The first archbishop is Most Rev. Alfred a cardinal, dies, his sacred eampment must go to his Arthur Sinnott, bom in Morell, diocese of Charlotte- cathedral; however, this regulation does not apply to town. 22 February, 1877; he made his studies in his rings or pectoral cross, even if they have relioi, Charlottetown and in Rome and was ordained in though if there are relics of the Holy Cross in his Montreal in 1900. Named private chamberlain in pectoral cross, the relics are to be delivered to his 1907 he became secretai^ to the apostolic delegation of successor — ^nor does it apply to objects not got with Canada, and was appointed archbishop 9 December, ecclesiastical funds or already turned over as church 1915. The Jesuits, Oblate Fathers of Mary Immacu-