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Zacatecas, Diocese op (cf. C. E^ XV — 740b), in exception of the Kena Province, and the provinces

the State of Zacatecas, Mexico, is suffragan of Guada- north of the Kikuyu Escarpment; it is confiaed to the

lajara. By a decree of 16 January, 1920, the boun- Fathers of the Holy Ghost. The population of the

daries of Zacateca and that of St. Louis de Potosi vicariate numbers 800,000, of whom 9000 are Catho-

were modified; making an area of about 22^806 sauare lies with about as maiw catechumens; the chief

miles. The see is filled by Rt. Rev. Miguel ae la languages spoken are iOswajili, Kikuyu, Kitaita

Mora, b. 14 Augiist, 1874, ordained 30 November, and KUcambu. The present (1922) vicar apostolic

1897, doctor of theology, superior and prefect of is Rt. Rev. John Gerald Neville^ C. S. Sp.. titular

studies at the seminary of Guadalajara, magistral Bishop of Carrhse, b. in Dublin, Ireland, 29 October,

chancellor in November, 1908, elected 9 February, 1859, appointed vicar apostolic 1 September, 19l3,

1911, consecrated 7 May following «to succeed Mgr. consecrated titular Bishop of Carrhs 28 October 1913. Jos4 Alva, b. 5 October, 1841; d. July, 1910. There The mission has 22 priests and 11 lay brothers

are in the diocese: 26 parishes, 40 succursals. 129 (members of the Society of the Holy Ghost), 211

secular and 7 regular pnests, 2 congregations ol men catechists, 30 nuns (Sisters of Loreto, of the Precious

and 3 of women, and 100 Catholic schools. Blood, and White Sisters) , 66 principal and secondary

„ . ,. ^ . ,„ stations, 13 churches, 30 chapels, 72 schools (three

Zagrab (Agram) , Archdiocese op (Zagra- of which are high schools) , with 3633 pupils; 6 normal

BiBN8is;cf.C.E.,I— 225c); in the ancient Kinp^dom of schools, with 100 students; 6 professional schools,

Croatia, formerly a part of Himgary but now in Jug^ with 65 pupils; 9 orphanages, with 161 orphans; 2

slavia. Most Rev. George Posilovic, who filled this leper as^ums, with 100 mmatcs; 6 hospitals, 29

see from 1894, died 28 April , 1914, and was succeeded pharmacies, 3 asylums for the poor, with 100 inmates,

by Oie present incumbent, Mc»t Rev. Anthony Bauer, and 1 junior seminary. There is no aid from the

Archbishop Bauer, b. m this diocese 1856, the author State for education^ purposes, an annual sum being

of mmierous works of apologetics and a member of contributed from the government towards the upkeep

  1. the Southern Slavonic Academy of Sciences was of the leper asylum. Nine of the priests were called

appointed titular Archbishop of Pessinus 20 January . away during the War; four of the missions were

1911, and made coadjutor to the Archbishop of closed, twobeing within the war zone, and the two

Agram. His auxiliaries are (1921) Rt. Rev. Joseph others because of the diminished personnel, but at

Lang, and for the Greek Rite, Rt. Rev. Dominic the present (1922), they are in full swing, and new

Premus. In 1916 there were in this diocese 1,572,778 ones have been opened. Three of the priests acted

Catholics of the Latin Rite, 3074 Uniat Greeks, 144,- as military chaplains during the African Campaign,

932 Orthodox Greeks; 351 parishes, 622 secukr and one of whom. Father Demaison, was decorated with

76 regular clergy. tne Military Cross; two houses were used as hospital

Zahm. John Augustine, American author and by the government. wienUst, b. at Lewngton, Ohio, in 1851, d. m M^ Zanaibar, Southern (Dar-es-Saulam: cf. C.

ich, Germany, 1921. He was educated at Notre £., XVI— 85c), Vicariate Apostolic op. feeforethe

Dame (Jnivereity, Indiana, and upon graduation yeir 1888, the Vicariate Apostolic of Dar-es^alaam

entered the Congregation of the Holy Cross, and and the Prefecture of Lmdi were under the jurisidiction

was ordained piiest m 1875. He filled various posi- ^j the Bishop of Zanzibar, a member of the Society

tions m the Congregation, at one time being provm- ^f the Fathers of the Holy Ghost. In the year the

cial from 1898 to 1906. He was the author (some- Benedictines of St. Odilia in Bavaria, to whom part

times under the pseudonym of Mozans), of a of the district was committed, came to Dar-es-Salaam,

number of books covering a large variety of sub- and settled near the coast at a place called Pugu; the

jects; among these were: "Evolution and Dogma," little band counted 1 priest, 9 Brothers and 4 Sisters.

^'Scientific Theory and Catholic Doctrine," "Along xhe foUowing vear during an outbreak of the Arabs,

the Andes and down the Amazon," "The Quest of El the station was destroyed, some of the missionaries

Dorado." He was an enthusiastic Dante student ^^^ killed, others captured, but later ransomed at

and assembled at Notre Dame one of the three a high price. When at length the efforts of the

largest of the Dante libraries in America. He was missionaries bore fruit and the number of stations

a scholarly and brilliant writer. He was a member increased the mission was made independent and

of the Roosevelt Scientific Expedition to South called the Prefecture Apostolic of Dar-es-Salaam

America and on that and other trips collected maps^ (1894) , with Mgr. Maurus Hartmann as superior; in

photographs, relics, curios, etc., which were added 1902 the prefecture became the Vicariate Apostolic of

to the valuable collection of fifteen hundred vol- Southern Zanzibar, under the government of Mgr.

umes of South American history and research work Cassianus Spies, and on 10 August, 1906, the name

at Notre Dame University. was changed from Southern Zanzibar to Dar-es-

7.ti4>^ rkT/vr.«o» ^« a.^ r'.^-^T r, ,^,^ r*** Salaam. On 12 November, 1913, the vicariate was

„.?^' Diocese OP. See Cobpu, Zante, Cep- divided into two parts, the northern region retaining

H AiAJNiA ^^ ^j J ^^^g ^j^jj^ ^^ southern became the Prefecture

Zanzibar, Northern, Vicariate Apostolic of Apostolic of Lindi, under the rule of Mgr. Willebror-

(Zanzibarensis or Zanouebarensis septentrio- dus Ley. In 1905, a new persecution known as

NALis; cf. C. E., XV— 750c), on the east coast of "Magi-Magi" broke out among the natives; almost

Africa, comprises the Island of Zanzibar, Piemba, all the stations in the prefecture of Lindi were

and British East Africa (now Kena Colony), with the destroyed and seven of the missionaries, among them