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There are only three towns with a population of thirty American banking establishments, besides

more than 3,000; Punta Delgada (Sao Miguel) five English.

about 17,000; Angra (Terceira) about 10,000; and In recent years the Azores have come a great

Horta (Fayal) about 6,000. deal under American influence, not because they

PRBSSNT Coi/oinoNS. — ^The separation of Church are on the natural highway from Europe to Amer-

and State effected by the Republican Government ica, but because a great number of emigrants from

in Portugal applied also to the Azores, which are the Azores to the United States return home in

an integral part of the republic. For ecclesiastical sympathy with American ideas. After Portugal

details see Angra, Diocese of; Funchal, Diocese came into the war as an ally of the Entente Powers,

OF. the Azores were very valuable as a supply depot

The chief export of the Azores is the pineapple, and coaling station for the Allied fleets. The har-

which forms a large part of the exports of Sao bor of Punta Delgada being the best in the Central

Miguel. Next in importance are sugar, tobacco, Atlantic afforded a useful rendezvous; during the

and beans, followed by maize and alcohol. There year 1917-18 the American armies made great use

is but one line of steamers pl3ring between Lisbon of it, and the aerodrome they established near

and the Azores with a fleet not exceeding three Punta Delgada was able to do good service in the

ships. While there are seven Portuguese banks protection of trade. During the war Punta Delgada

with branches or agencies, there are no less than was once bombarded by a German submarine.