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and 30 employed in aided schools. The total num- the other half was made a prefecture apostolic. On

bers receiving primary education are g;iven as fol- 13 June, 1917, this latter was made a vicariate,

lows for 1920: Board schools, 6^58; aided private bounded on the north by 10** latitude, on the east

schools, 875; Chiu'ch of England, 1,031; Catholic, by the Anglo-Ethiopian frontier, on the west by

461; Baptist, 86; private schools, 383; total, 8,694. the Anglo-Belgian frontier, and on the south by the

F^mary education is compulsory between the White Pfile and Lake Albert. It is entrusted to the

ages of six and fourteen years, is provided by the Sons of the Sacred Heart of Verona, the present

Government, and is controlled by a Board of Eklu- and first vicar apostolic being Rt. Rev. Antonio

cation, consisting of twelve members appointed Stoppani, titular Bishop of Stratonic. No statistics

annually by the governor. The board receives an have as yet been issued.

annual grant from the legislature of £6,000, out of -r-^Iv i?wwA«tTT.T -1,*^«^/^, «**«*»«.! r.f *^^^

which repairs are made and teachers' salaries are . ^7\ ^^^^^\^^^^9^^ ^P®^ pi;. 5

paid. T£e cost of education is enhanced by the ^^^SJ^*""^^. 5^ ,tla ^"^Kpr^iqlr ^fl?%«l

breaking up of the population into many small August, 1842 ;d. there ^ November, 1917. He was

settlements lonir distances aoart on the various ^^^ ^^ °^ ^' ^^^^^y* founder of the Conferences

SStheJelv^ There «^ St. Vincent de Paul, and a participator in all

Kate o^^m^aS^^^^^^ between 1820-40, Emmanuel entered the Society

provide hfgher education, as follows: Queen's Col- 9^ the Augustimans of the Assumption at Nhnea

lege and Pteparatoiy Schlx)! (WesleyanU 32 pupils; "^ }?61 seven months after his brother Vmcent

Nassau Grammar School (Church of England), 18 f^%^^ ^^'^-^ was prof essed t^o yeara later and

pupils; St. Hilda's High School (Churcf of Eng- "J Jg^PT^ °'^i°^^o ?^ ^"^^""J^fT^^^^ fT'I^?^

fan^), 54 pupils; St. Francis Xavier's Academy of the College at Nlmes, master of novices, procu-

a^«Ilf ^^^^^^^^ ^'^" ^ ^ ^ ^^'^ "'"^' Kd^lt^f geTrll ?rS. Th^*w£L-

RELiGioN.Lfhe ecclesiastical returns in the Blue ^r^L^^'^rn^^l^ ^tf^^^ t.^XlJ^ll

Book of the Bahamas give the number of churches JJ^^ent committee of international Eucharistio

and chaneU m follows- AnSican 88- Weslevan Congresses, and director general of the Association

IS. P^h«™« W^7 TTrii^^ 0^^^ i^Hv]/ iRantIS cle Notre Dame de Salut. and of the National Pil-

UiJion^^ BaS^ M^^^ Pre^^en^an^T ^^"^^^ ^^ Gourdes. I. 1915 he became consultor

ShSucf 3; African te gj ^he ^--^ Con^-eg^^^^^^

The Baiamas belong ecclesiasticaUy to the Arch- Sfud^es. Gifted with an enlightened mmd great

dioLi^ nTw York ^d statistiM^ eloquence and a very ardent spint of faith, he

£°[hf A'derade'^^^^^ «P^-J ^u^L^^Thl^l^hu^^^^^^ of hS

Father in the islands, besides the Vicar Forane ^^i^^Xlg' S^^^n^Saf^^^^^^^

Government and Recent HiSTORy.-The Cover- JL^^A^h '^i^°<S^nt'h fepHT'^SH^'fr. 'fh??^^^

nor and Commander-in-chief is assisted by an Si, ^5^ *?• South America, and m the Onent.

Executive CouncU of 9, and a representative aLm- Tf^^^^^^^f ??« 1^^^^ \t w'tw' W^r

bly of 29 members, electore beiiig required to have l,T5Ln^ ^f i^In^if ^•i^^>,,^^ «n^^^^ Z^A

smaU property qualifications. ^ ^ waa a cause of mtense mef to his apostolic soul

A coSti^ent was raised in the Bahamas by volun- ^^^ ^'^ T^^ ^Z^^?a^^ ^?^- -^^ fweetness of

tary enliZents for service at the European front ^^?^,V/rlv^dZr^ W *c?ir.l.Th^^^^^^

in 1915, to be kept up at a strength of 200 men. P%^^^lL'*'®5"!i V ^*^^^ ^^ congregation

funds for the purpose to be provid^ by voluntary "^'^^ ^^^^°^ ^^^ ^^^'

subscription and legislative appropriations. The Bailly, Vincent db Paul, editor and publicist, first draft of 30 men embarked on 9 September, b. at Berteaucourt-les-Thennes, Somme, 2 Decem- 1915, for Jamaica, en route to England, followed bcr, 1832; d. in Paris, 2 December, 1912. He was subsequently in November of the same year and the son of Emmanuel-Joseph Bailly, founder and in May, 1916, by drafts of 105 and 65 respectively, first president of the Conferences of St. Vincent making a total of 200 for the Bahamas unit of the de Paul, and was bom into an atmosphere of love British West Indies Regiment. Reinforcements to for souls and ardor for charitable works. Educated the extent of 100% per annum were guaranteed, the at first by private teachers imder the enlightened Government bearing the whole cost of transport, direction of his father, he later attended the Lyc^ separation allowances, pensions, gratuities and dis- Louis le Grand, where in 1850 he received the abihty allowances. The contingent was composed degree of Bachelor of Science. In 1852 he entered almost entirely of colored men. They served under the bureau of telegraphy in Paris, and was trans- Sir Edmund Allenby, commander-in-chief of the ferred to Nfmes, where he lived at the college forces in Egypt, against the Turks, and also did of the Assumptionists and taught mathematics in some remarkaole work in France, being employed his leisure hours. P^re d'Alyon, founder of the in all the main operations that took place after Congregation of the Augustinians of the Aasump- their arrival, including the battles of Somme, Arras, tion, was a close friend of his family. Returning Messines, and Ypres. The economic effect of the to the central bureau three years later he became war on the colonies was shown in the increasing the private telegrapher of the Em];)eror Napoleon demand for sisal and sponge, the two principsJ III, and was entrusted with many important mis- commodities of the Bahamas, and the interruption sions, private and diplomatic. As an aid to his of regular communication between the United international correspondence he studied law, and States and the Bahamas. a brilliant future in the ministry seemed to open

up before him, but he had other ambitions. On

Bahr-tf-Oaial, Vicariate Apostolic of (db 20 October, i860, he entered the Congregation

Bahrel-Gazal) . in Sudanese Africa. The vast terri- of the Assumption, and received the habit from P^

tory comprised under this name belonged to the d'Alyon. Hia brother Emmanuel (q.v.) followed

Vicariate Apostolic of Sudan until 30 May, 1913, him into the Congregation seven months later. After

when it was divided into two parts, the first remain- his ordination in 1863, he was made director of

ing a vicariate under the name of Khartum, while the College at Nfmes, a post he held until 1867»