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Come! Li!
Come here! 這兒來 Cher li!
Make haste! 快快 K‘wi k‘wi!
Why don't you come? 你為甚麼不來 Nee way shummo poo li!
I can't wait 我不能等 Waw poo nung tung.
It's getting late 天不早 T‘e-enn poo dzow.
I want to be off 我要走 Waw yow dzo.
Where are you going? 你上 Nee shahng nar?
To Peking 我上北京 Waw shahng Payching.
When do you start? 你多喒起身 Nee taw dzahn ch‘ee shun?
I start to-day 我今天起身 Waw chint‘e-enn ch‘ee shun.
Have you hired your carts? 你僱了車沒有 Nee koolayow ch‘aw mayo?
I am going by boat 我坐船 Waw dzaw ch‘wahn.
Boy! hire two boats 來,僱兩隻船 Boy! koo layangchirp ch‘wahn.