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Ask the compradore to come 請買辦來 Ch‘ing mi-pahn li.
Who are you? 你是甚麼人 Nee shirt shummo ren?
What are you doing? 你做甚麼 Nee dzaw shummo?
I keep the accounts 我算賬 Waw sooahn jahng.
How many hands do you employ in the hong? 行裏用多少人 Hahng-lee yoong taw show ren?
Fifty men are too many 五十人太多 Woo-shirt ren t‘i taw.
The business is not large 買賣不大 Mi-mi poo tah.
Hire ten more men 再僱十個人 Dzi koo shirtka ren.
A steamer has come 輪船來咯 Loon ch‘wahn li-la
Has it come up to the jetty? 到了碼頭沒有 Towla maht‘o mayo?
What steamer is it? 是甚麼輪船 Shirt shummo loon ch‘wahn?
What cargo is there on board? 船上裝甚麼貨 Ch‘wahn-shahng jwong shummo hwaw?