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Has the washerman come? 洗衣裳的來了沒有 Shee eeshahngty li-la mayo?
How many pieces are there this month? 這個月有多少件衣裳 Chayka yüng yo tawshow je-enn eeshang?
Every hundred pieces $3.00 每一百件三塊錢 May yee pi je-enn, sahn-k'wi-ch'e-enn.
He hasn't washed this one clean 這個他沒洗乾淨 Chayka, t'ah may shee kahn-ching.
I must fine him a dollar 我要刨他一塊錢 Waw yow p'ow t'ah yee-k'wi-ch'e-enn.
Here are your wages 這是你的工錢 Chaw shirt neety koong-ch'e-enn.
Get me a tailor 找一個裁縫 Chow yeeka ts'i- fung.
Tell the coolie to clean up the room 呌苦力拾得屋子 Cheeow k'oolee shirttawwoodza.
You must wash the floor 地板要洗一洗 Tee-pahn yow shee-e-shee.
You must rub the table 桌子要擦一擦 Chawdza yow ts'ah-e-ts'ah.
Bring a feather-brush 拿担子來 Nah tahndza li.
Now I want to put up the stove 現在要打爐子 Shendzi yow tah loodza.