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You must first brush it 先要刷一刷 Shen yow shwah-e-shwah.
Have you any black-lead ? 有黑麵沒有 Yo hay me-enn mayo?
This brush won't do 這個刷子不行 Chayka shwah-dza poo shing.
The chimney is stopped up 烟桶子堵住咯 Yent'oongdza too-choola.
There must be soot in it 裡頭必有烟煤子 Leet'oepe yo yen-maydza.
We must think of some way to clean it 得想法子拾得 Tay sheeahngfah-dza shirttaw.
This stove smokes 這個爐子冒烟 Chayky loodza mow yen.
Buy a picul of Chinese coal 呌一担本地煤 Cheeow yee tahn pun-tee may.
Also 30 catties of charcoal 還要三十斤煤 Hi yow shanshirt-cheen t'ahn.
Have you bought the fire-wood? 你買咯劈柴沒有 Nee mi-la p'ee-ch'i mayo?
I want this put in the ice-box 這個要下在冰箱子裏 Chayka yow seeahdzi ping-sheeang dza-lee.
Tell the cook to make a bowl of arrowroot 呌廚子冲一碗藕粉 Cheeow ch'oodza ch'oong yee wahn o-fun.