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Thicker than he made it yester-day 比昨天要稠 Pee dzaw-t'e-enn yow ch'o.
Bring some boiling water 拿開水來 Nah k'i shooey li.
Warm water won't do; I want it boiling 溫和水不行要熱水 Wunhaw shooey pu shing; yow raw shooey.
I am not very well to-day 今天我不舒服 Chint'e-enn waw poo shoo-foo.
What's the matter ? 怎麼樣 Dzummo-yahng?
I've got fever and ague 我發瘧子 Wawfah-yowdza.
I'll give you a dose of medicine 我給你一服藥 Waw kay nee yee foo yaw.
I want to buy a pound of camphor 我買一斤樟腦 Yow mi yee-cheen ch'ow-now.
Take this out and shake it (of clothes) 拿外頭抖落抖落 Nah wi-t'o, tolo tolo.
Brush these shoes 把這個鞋刷一刷 Pah chayka seeay, shwah-e-shwah.
Take this and spread it on the top (of blankets, etc.) 把這個鋪在上頭 Pah chayka p'oodzi shahng-to.