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(Looking at the leather side) It's not well made up 板子不好 Pahndza poo how.
It's not a good skin 不是好皮子 Poo shirt how p'eedza.
Have you any sea-otter ? 有海龍皮沒有 Yo hi-loong-p'ee mayo?
Bring some black astracan 拿黑子羔 Nah hay-adze-kow.
I don't want a jacket; I want a robe 不要馬褂要外套兒 Poo yow mah-kwah; yow wi- t'owr.
Have you any unborn lamb-skin ? 有草上霜沒有 Yo ts'ow-shahng-shwong mayo?
This is too dear 這個太貴 Chayka t-i kooey.
Can't let you have it for less ? 少咯不賣 Showla poo mi.
I'll come back to-morrow 我明天囘來 Waw mingt'e-enn hooey-li.
This is cat-skin 這是貓皮 Chaw shirt mow p'ee
Is it dyed ? 染過沒染過 Rahnkwo may rahnkwo?
The quality is not good 成色不好 Ch'ung-saw poo how.