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This page needs to be proofread.
I don't think it is genuine 我想不是眞的 Waw seeahng poo shirt chunty.
Have you any red (i.e. coloured with cinnabar) plates ? 有硃砂盤沒有 Yo choo-shah p'ahn mayo?
This cloisonné enamel dates from Ching-t'ai (1450) 這琺藍盤是景泰年製的 Chaw fahlahn-p'ahn shirt Ching-t'i-ne-enn-chirpty.
It's too dear 價錢太貴 Cheeah-ch'e-enn t'i kooay.
The vase is not an old one 瓶不是老瓶 P'ing pao-shirt low-p'ing.
The flowers are badly drawn 花樣不好 Hwah yahng poo-how.
I want a "blue" bowl with over 要淡描的蓋碗兒 Yow tahn meeowty ki-wahr.
The edge is chipped 邊兒有點破咯 Pe-er yo-te-enn p'awlah.
Have you any "half-tael" cash ? 要半兩錢沒有 Yo pahn-layang ch'e-enn mayo?
This is a "half-tael" of the Han dynasty 這個是漢半兩 Chaykaw shirt Hahn-pahn-laynang.
I want a "half-tael" of the Chi'in dynasty 要秦半兩 Yow Ch'een-pahn-layang.