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I also want some Wang Mang ('i.e.' trouser-shaped) cash 王莽錢也要幾個 Wahn-mahng-ch'e-enn yoa yow cheekaw.
I also want a redwood stand 還要紅木托兒 Hi-yow hoong moo t'or.
I want to buy some pictures 要買畫兒 Yow mi hwach.
I want those of the Yuan (Mongol dynasty) 要元人的筆蹟 Yow Yüahn-renty pee chee.
Have you any ecented - wood seads ? 有茄楠香的香串兒沒有 Yo ch'eeaynahn-seeangty seeang-ch'wahr mayo?
Have you any good gongs? 有好鑼沒有 Yo how law mayo?
Crystal 水晶 Shooay ching.
Of what dynasty is this sword ? 寶劍是那一朝的 Paye-h-eenn shirt nahee-ch'owty?
I also want some "knife" (or razor) cash 也要買刀錢 Yay yow mi tow-che-enn.
Have you any good incense-burners ? 有好香爐沒有 Yo how sheeang-loo mayo ?