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Have you a lead-pencil? 你有鉛筆沒有 Nee yo c'he en-pee mayo ?
I have a head ache 我腦袋疼 Waw now-ti t'ung
What is the day of the month ? 今兒幾兒咯 Cheer cheerla?
To-day is the 5th 今兒初五 or 今天初五 Cheer ch'oo woo or cheen t'e-enn ch'oo woo.
To-morrow is the 29th 明天二十九 Mingt'e-enn ur-shirt cheeoo.
What day of the week is it to-day ? 今天禮拜幾 Cheent'e enn lee-pi chee?
To-day is Saturday 今兒禮拜六 Cheer lee-pi layo.
I want a button put on here 這兒要釘一個鈕子 Cher yow ting yee-kanew-o-dza.
What's the time now? 現在幾點鐘 Shendzi_ chee te-enn-choong ?
He (or it) is in the verandah 在廊子低下 Dzi lahngdza tee-seeah.
Open the drawer 把抽屉拉開 Pah ch'o-t'ee lah-k'i.
The butter is all melted 黃油都化咯 Hwong-yoo to hwahla.
Bring a small stool 拿一個小橙子 Nah yeeka sheeow tungdza.