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Can you let me sleep here ? 我在這兒睡覺好不好 Waw dzi cher soohey cheeow, how poo how?
I can't find my boat 我的船我找不着 Wawty ch'wahn waw-chow-poo-chow.
To-morrow I'll give you five taels 我明天給你五兩銀子 Waw mingt'e-enn kay nee woo layang yeendza.
I didn't hit that bird 那個鳥我沒打着咯 Nahka neeow waw may tah-chowla.
Lend me a skin coat 你借我一個皮襖 Nee cheeay waw yee p'ee ow.
Don't be afraid ! 別怕 Peeay p'ah!
It's snowing outside 外頭下雪 Wi-t'o seeah-yüaey.
It's fearfully cold 冷的利害 Lungta-leehi.
I can't sleep outside 我不能在外睡頭 Waw poo nung dzi wi-to shooey.
Send a man to find my boat 打發一個人找我的船 Tahfah yeeka ren chow wawty ch'wahn
I'll wait here 我在這兒等着 Waw dzi cher tungja.
When will you come back ? 你多𠴰囘來 Nee taw-dzahn hooeyli?