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Lend me five dollars 你借我五塊洋錢 Nee cheeay waw woo k'wi yahng ch'e-enn.
I have no money 我沒錢 Waw may ch'e-enn.
I'll pay you to-morrow 我明天還你 Waw mingt'e-enn hwahn nee.
Give him six taels 給他六兩銀子 Kay t'ah layo layang yechdza.
One tael, five mace, three candareens 一两五錢三分 Yee-layang, woo ch'e-enn, sahn fun.
Seven candareens are not enough 七分不彀 Ch'ee fun poo ko.
I have been 10 years in China 我在中國十年 Waw dzi Choong-kwo shirt ne-enn
Who came just now? 剛纔有甚麼人來 Kahng-tsi yo shummo ren li?
Good-bye, good-bye 請請 Ch'ing, ch'ing.
I'll see you again to-morrow 明天再見 Mingt'e-enn dzi che-enn.
I want to buy some curios 我要買古董兒 Waw yow mi koo-toonger.
What do you want to buy ? 你要買甚麼 Nee yow mi shummo?