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William Hayley


1782. (In the notes to his Third Epistle on Epic Poetry)
Son. xxxii. (sonnet, with the same scheme of rhymes as the original)[1]
Inf. i-iii (terza rima)

Charles Burney[2]

Purg ii. 73-92, 106-17 (heroic couplets) (in Vol. ii of his History of Music)

Charles Rogers


1782 Inferno (‘‘The Inferno of Dante Translated") (blank verse) (issued anonymously)

Henry Boyd[3]

{d. 1832)

1785 Inferno ("A Translation of the Inferno of Dante Alighieri, in English Verse") (six-lined stances, rhyming a a b c c b)
Purg. xxx. 115-41 (same metre) (Vol. i, pp. 179-181)

Henry Francis Cary[4]


1792 (In Letter to Miss Seward from Christ Church, Oxford)
Purg. iii. 79-85 (prose)
Purg. v. 37-9 (prose)

Henry Constantine Jennings


1794 (In Summary and Free Reflections, in which the Great Outline only, and Principal Features, of several Interesting Subjects, are impartially traced, and candidly examined)[5]
Inf. v. 1-138 (blank verse) (condensed by 35 lines)
Inf. xxxii. 125-xxxiii. 89 (blank verse) (condensed by 26 lines)
  1. 1 The sonnet addressed to Guido Cavalcanti, beginning, "Guido. vorrel." Hayley styles his rendering an “invitation.”
  2. See also under 1761, 1771.
  3. See also under 1802.
  4. See also under 1803, 1806, 1815, 1819, 1831, 1844
  5. This work was published in 1798, but the translations appear to have been made in 1794