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6th Wom. By Jupiter the Preserver,[1] he would be a fit person, if there ever was one, to cheat[2] the commonwealth, clothed in the leathern garment of Argus.

Prax. But come! so that we may also transact what is next, whilst[3] the stars are still in the heavens; for the assembly, to which we are prepared to go, will take place with the dawn.[4]

1st Wom. Yea, by Jove! wherefore you ought to take your seat under the Bema,[5] over against the Prytanes.

7th Wom. (holding up some wool). By Jove, I brought these here, in order that I might card when the Assembly was[6] full.

Prax. Full, you rogue?[7]

7th Wom. Yes, by Diana! for how should I hear any worse, if I carded? My children are naked.

Prax. "Carded," quoth 'a! you who ought to exhibit no part of your person to the meeting! [Turning to the others.] Therefore we should be finely off, if[8] the Assembly chanced to be full, and then some of us strode over and took up her dress[9] and exhibited her Phormisius.[10] Now if we take our seats first, we shall escape observation when we have wrapped our garments close round us: and when we let our beards hang down, which we will tie on there, who would not think us men on seeing us? At any rate Agyrrhius'[11] has the

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