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48 THE CONDOR VoL. ' VI The following is a list of the birds I observed. I noted several which are not included as they were too far away for certain identification. Larus californicus.. California Gull. Several seen flying through the val- ley in May. Sterna forsteri. Forster Tern. Common along the river. Flocks of as high as ten seen flying slowly over the sloughs. ttydrochelidon n. surinamensis. American Black Tern. One seen near Iron Point June t. Several others seen later in the month. Pelecanus erythrorhynchos. American White Pelican. Wing of one found at Iron Point, May t3. None seen in the live state. Arias boschas. Mallard. Common. Ducklings observed May e8 near Golconda. l?Iareca americana. Baldplate. A flock of six or seven seen May 15 near Stone House. Querquedula cyanoptera. Common Teal. Common. Dafila acura. Pintail. Several seen near Stone House in May. A3rthya vallisneria. Canvas-back. Not uncommon. Botaurus lentiginosus. American Bittern. Several seen in a swamp near Stone House early in may. Arden herodias. Great Blue Heron. Often seen along the river especially in the sloughs. Nycticorax n. navyins. Black-crowned Night Heron. Noted near Golconda. Fulica americana. American Coot. A few observed in the sloughs near Stone House. Steganopus tricolor. Wilson Phalarope. A few seen in the marshy meadows June I. Recurvirostra americana. Avocet. Common along the banks of alkaline ponds. ttimantopus mexicanus. Black-necked Stilt. Common in June wherever there were alkaline pools. Gallinago delicata. Wilson Snipe. Observed June 3, near Stone House. Syruphernia s. inornata. Western Willet. Rare. Actiris macularia. Spotted Sandpiper Common in suitable localities. /Egialitis vocifera. Killdeer. Very common along river bottom. /Egialitis nivosa. Snowy Plover. A few seen along the shores of ponds early in May. Centrocerc,us urophasianus. Sage Grouse. A few small flocks observed in the canyons near Golconda at an elevation of about 6000 feet. Zenaidura macrourn. Mourning Dove. Very common. Cathartes aura. Turkey Vulture. Common. Buteo b. calurus. Western Red-tail. Not uncommon. Found nesting in thorny bushes from six to fifteen feet from the ground. Both light and dark ex- tremes noted. Several old nests which probably belonged to this species noticed on rocky cliffs. Buteo swainsoni. Swainson Hawk. Not uncommon. Falco mexicanus. Prairie Falcon. The only one noted was seen near Gol- conda, May 28. Falco s. phalcena. Desert Sparrow Hawk. One observed near Golconda. Pandionh. carolinensis. Fish Hawk. Two seen on a telegraph pole near Iron Point JuneĀ ?. (7'0 be concluded)