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Uncle Sam's Island Possessions Are of interest to every American nowadays. "Notes of a Naturalist in Guam," written by Lieut. William E. Safford, who was Lieutenant- Governor of Guam after the Spanish war, is a series of beautifully illustrated articles telling about this remote island. They are published in THt? PLANT WORLD An Illustrated Monthly Magazine of Pop- ular Botany, With departments devoted to "The Home Garden and Greenhouse," and to the Wild Flower Preser- vation Society, of which this journal is the official organ. Sendstamp for a sample copy, mention- ing THE CONDOR. A copy of our souvenir and anniversary number free to every new subscriber. $x.5o per Year Address The Plant World Company P.O. Box 334. WA?HINGTON? D, C. flaine's ird flalazine! Have you seen the JOIJI,AL or im OlrflIIlOLO(ilCiL SITI? It is a quarterly journal of Maine ornithology; "Bird protection, bird study, the spread of the knowledge thus gained, these are our objects." Volume V, beginning with the January ?9o3 number, 5 cents per annum, x5 cents, per copy. Send stamp for sample copy. MERTON SWAIN, ?ditor & Business Manager, FAIRFII?LD, WrAlN]?. THE ANtERICAN BIRD NtAGAZINE Profusely illustrated with Photographs of Wild Birds from Life. Fresh, inter- esting, and instructive Bird Literature. Ever?t. hing original. Each number contains Ten itirds in Natural Colors For identifications Monthly, ?I.Oo per year Single Copies IO cents Everyone subscribing now is entitled to a Life- sized Enlargement of the "Chtppy l?amtly" in natural colors, on paper i2x2o inches. This is prob- ably the best photograph ever taken of an entire family of live wild birds. SPECIAL x? x? x? To all who mention "The Condor" we will send Vol. I and LI, and sub- scriptions for x9o$, with the "Chippy Family," for $2.5o. Address Amcric?m Ornithology wo,,:es,e,', 'lWa88 o Natvre Study A monthly magazine devoted to the study of Nature in her varied aspects--of the Rocks, the Birds, the Flowers and all the multitude of living things that crawl orswim, or walk or fly. TER. MS: 50 Cts. per A?xnum i?x Advance. Sample copy sent upon recet'pt of 2-cent stamp NATURE STUDY PRESS P.O. Bsx 223 Maneboater, N.