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98 THE CONDOR VoL. VI verbenas or abronias and other acres were flaming with the yellow annual ericelias. Insect life fairly swarmed and birds, especially Leconte thrashers and mocking- birds, were more numerous than before or since. I found eight Leconte's nests on one trip near Palm Springs and saw many of the birds. The next three years were dry on the desert and 1 saw ,nly six nests, though frequently in their territory. Banning, CaliJbrnia. Mr. Oberholser is well kn.wn t,, the readers ,f this magazine, as the author of a valuable series of critical papers o, ortdthoh,gical subjects. His work may be said to have begun with "A Description ot' Two New Subspecies of the Downy Woodpecker" which appeared in s95, followed i g. 6 by "A Preliminary List of the Birds of Wayne Co., Ohio,. Perhaps his best-known revisions are: "A Re- view of the Wrens of the Genus Thryomanes" () and "A Review of the Larks of the Genus Otocoris" 0902). Mr. Oberholser is responsible for a long list of papers, which, for the most part, have appeared inĀ ?;e Muk. and in the Proceed- ings of the U.S. National Museum.