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July, o4 [ THE CONDOR xo3 Phalanoptilus nuttalli. Poor-will. Several of these birds were heard whist- ling at dusk about the low hills at Bridge Creek beds, June 6, but none could be taken. Chordeiles v. henryi. Western Night Hawk. A morning's delay at Mitchell, June , gave a very good opportunity to observe a number of these birds as they flew high above the canyon, evidently spending the whole morning at play. They sometimes flew at such a height as to be scarcely visible, all the time uttering their jarring note; suddenly one would drop directly downward a distance of one hun- dred feet or more, bringing up with a graceful turn and a loud whirring boom. A specimen wastaken at the Cove on June 55, where it acted as if nesting. Stellula calliope. Calliope Hummer. Quite a number of these small hum- mers were noted in the side canyon above Lower Basin, June 3o. Several taken. Tyrannus tyrannus. Kingird. First seen at Cottonwood June - A few noted at Lower Basin along the river but none could be taken. Tyrannus verticalis. Western Kingbird. Seen about town at The Dalles, May 55. At the Cove this bird sometimes wakened us at 3 ,. M. by its chatter over- head Noted in pine timber at Spanish Gulch, June . Myiarchus cinerascens. Ash-throated Flycatcher. Observed on the Cherry Creek road May 27; a the Cove on June 57. Sayornis saya. A nest of young in full plumage was found in a house at Nan- sene, May 26. Contopus richardsoni. Western Wood Pewee. Observed over sage plain at Bridge Creek beds on June 3. Empidonax trailli. Traill Flycatcher. Observed in the willows at Caleb, June , though the cherry trees were still in blossom and the willows bare. The note was identical with that of the same form in California. Pica budsonia. Magpie. First noted on Eight Mile Creek, May 52, where it was abundant and very shy; peculiar windmill flight and harsh cry. Noted in junipers above the Bridge Creek beds June 5- Numerous at the Cove where a well-fledged youngster was taken June 5. Cyanocitta s. annectens. Several specimens observed among the pines above Lower Basin. No. 53 of the collection was taken here on June 59 . Corvus americanus. Common Crow. Crows were noted along the Columbia at The Dalles on May 55. Found breeding in pines at the Cove with large young flying June 56. Cyanocephalus cyanocephalus. Pinyon Jay. Seen first high up among the lava terraces at the Bridge Creek beds in June. It was extremely shy and some hours were spent in trying to stalk it. It flew very high uttering a note which is ex- actly like that of the crow pitched higher. Specimens were shot at Cherry Creek Hill on the way back July 6; not at all shy. Molothrus ater. Cowbird. Observed at Bridge Creek, June 3- A male was observed to go through the most grotesque antics in singing; the head was thrown forward to the limit of the neck and a very visible effort brought up a bubbling volley of notes not unlike those of Scolecophagus. Sturnella neglecta. Western Meadowlark. Heard at The Dalles at sunrise May 2, singing a greeting from the sister state across the Columbia. Found at the Bridge Creek beds, not in the valley bottom as might be expected, but far up the sides among the lava terraces. Icterus bullocki. Bullock Oriole. In full song at The DallesMay . Abund- ant on Bridge Creek. Noted feeding on cicadas at the Cove June 2. Scolecophagus cyanocephalus. Brewer Blackbird. Cherry Creek Hill, May