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o4 THE CONDOR VoL. VI 3 . Common in all kinds of country; seen in flocks even on the dry sage hills. Noted in the pine belt at Spanish Gulch on June . Not seen at the Cove. Ilesperiphona v. montana. Western Evening Grosbeak. Cherry Creek Hill, May 30. "The first bird note heard this morning was a peculiar metallic clink much like that of Guiraca cerulea. Investigation revealed a fine specimen of Hesperiphona in a low juniper near the tent. The bird was not at all shy allow- ing me to come directly under the tree as he hopped about uttering his peculiar note. A number of small flocks were observed later in the morning. The air was quite crisp and cold and the abundant growth of junipers gave the impression of mountain country proper." On June 6 at Bridge Creek, much to my surprise, a flock of these birds was found among the willows along the stream. They were easily approached, one shot securing two females and a male. Search through the junipers during the rest of our stay here failed to reveal their further occur- rence. It was seen in the pine belt at Spanish Gulch on June . Carpodacus m. frontalis. House Finch. Specimen taken at the Cove where it was common in the sage. Carpodacus p. californicus. Purple Finch. Single specimen in fullsongtaken at the Cove. Observed above the Lower Basin on June 30 in birch timber. Spinus pinus. Siskin. Noted at Cherry Creek Hill on May 3 o. Astragalinus t. salicamans. Goldfinch. A specimen in full plumage taken in willows fit Bridge Creek, June 2. Po(ecetes g. confinis. Western Vesper Sparrow. First noted at Thorn Hollow on May 27 , singing at intervals during the night, though it was cold and windy. It was easily observed the next morning on the sage hills where it was abundant and easily approached. Observed at the Cove June 24 . Melospiza c. morphna. Rusty Song Sparrow. Common among the willows of Bridge Creek. Specimens taken June 3. Nos. 9, 27, and 30 oi the collection. Junco h. shufeldti ? First noted in pine belt at Spanish Gulch. Later taken from Douglas spruce at the Cove, June 22. Spizella s. arizona,. Western Chipping Sparrow. May x7, at Eight Mile Creek. At Spanish Gulch in the pine belt on June 15. Spizella breweri. Brewer Sparrow. Quite common on Bridge Creek in sage feeding on caterpillars. It had a pleasing little song and was doubtless nesting though long search failed to prove it so. Noted at the Cove on June 23. Zonotrichia 1. gainbell ? Specimens noted at Calab, June 15. Chondestes g. strigatus. Western Lark Sparrow. Observed at Eight Mile Creek on May 19 and at the Cove June 23. Zamelodia melanocephala. Black-headed Grosbeak. Took a fine male from the willows on Bridge Creek, June 6. Noticed feeding on cicadas at the Cove, June 22. Cyanospiza am(ena. Lazuli Bunting. Seen first at Eight Mile Creek, May 17. A very abundant form in the sage at Bridge Creek. In full song everywhere and doubtless breeding in the tall sage. Pipilo m. oregonus. Oregon Towhee. Specimtn No. 26 is of this species taken in sage on Bridge Creek June 7- No. 48, at the Cove on June 27 . Oreospiza chlorura. Green-tailed Towhee. First seen at Spanish Gulch, June I5 in pine timber, within 200 feet of the snow. The following day it was heard singing on a hot hillside in typical sage country on Birch Creek. Piranga ludoviciana. Western Tanager. Quite common at mouth of Bridge Creek on May 3x. Later it was taken at the Bridge Creek beds where it was abtkndant among the junipers and in sage feeding on small caterpillars. It was occasional at the Cove also.