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July, I9O 4 ] THE CONDOR 89 she almost flea, into our tent. The next morning her strawberry patch was white with hailstones and we found her sitting humped over a stone, while her two be- draggled young were trying to keep warm under cover of the firs. By this time our ii[tle neighbors were so tame that they did not startle when Mr. Bailey shot a hummingbird, and as he said, the only danger xvas that if we had stayed much longer they would get so tame that some one would shoot them when we left. As we broke camp to go on up the mountains soon alterwards, however, I trust that no harm came through us to the little family that had given us so much pleasure while camped in their woods. H:ashington, D. U. 1. BLUE-FACED BOOBY AND NEST Three Boobies Interviewed WALTER K. FISIII:.R E found boobies, at rest, scarcely more difficult to photograph than stuffed birds, provided we exercised elementary caution in approaching them. They made ideal subjects, consequently, for a piping hot day on a tropi- cal islet, since we early discovered that under such conditious oue is likely to be