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38. Cyanocephalus cyanocephalus. Pinyon Jay. They seemed to be common 

in the cedars at the extreme western edge of Baca County. Curiously enough,' the people did uot have ally uame for them', tho knowing them well, simply calling them "the big blue birds." 39..M010thrus ater. Cowbird. Seen at Monon, Springfield and Gaume's ranch. Fairly common. 40. Xanthocephalus xanth0cephalus. Yellow-headed Blackbird. A few seen at Springfield, and in the eastern part of the county, at and near Monon. It seems rather strange they should be tilere; for I saw no places anywhere that seemed to me suitable breeding places for them. 4 I. Agelaius phceniceus. Red winged Blackbird. Only seen at Lamar. Com- mon there along' tile large ditches. 42. Sturnella magna neglecta. Western Meadowlark. A common bird everywhere, a summer resident of course, and very likely some spend the winter. 43. Icterus bul10cki. Bullock Oriole. First seen at Monon May 3, a single male bird. At Springfield they were coremoil, May ?, in the trees along Bear Creek. Many old nests were seen in these trees earlier, before the leaves came out. One or two seen near Gaume's ranch. 44. Euphaguscyan0cephalus. Brewer Blackbird. A fexv ;een ill the east- ern part of the count)'. 45. Quiscalus quisculaaeneus. Bronzed Grackle. One taken on Bear Creek near Springfield. Was told the birds do ,ot breed there. 46. Carp0dacus mexicanus fr0ntalis. House Finch. Seen only at Gaume's, where I saw a few males, four together one day. The females were presumably incubating or taking care of young. 47. Passer d0mesticus. English Sparrow. Much to my surprise I found this bird all over Baca County. There were a good many in Springfield, and every ranch I visited had several pairs living there. 48. Rhync0phanes mcc0wni. McCown Longspur. Common on the plains about Springfield When [ first arrived, and last s?en April 26. 49. P0?ecetes gramineus c0nfinis. Western Vesper Sparrow. First seen near Springfield April t7, and from that time on was quite common there, and also at Monon. Seemed to prefer the neighborhood of Bear Creek at both places. Last seen near Gaume's, May I8. 5 o. Ch0ndestes grammacus strigatus. Western Lark Sparrow. First seen April 26 near Morion. Common from that time on, and seen everywhere I went. At Gaume's they were the most common bird. One seen there May 24, carrying nest material. Near Springfield, May 27, I found a nest with a single egg. The next morning another had been added. The nest was on the ground beside a tuft of grass. 5L Z0n0trichia leuc0phrys gainbell. Intermediate Sparrow. First seen near Springfield April 27. They did not seem at all common until May 3rd, at Monon, when they were comparatively abundant. The last one was seen near Springfield May rS. At both places they frequented the trees and bushes near Bear Creek. 52. Spizella s0cialis ariz0nae. Western Chipping Sparrow. Did not seem to be very common, though seen everywhere I went. First seen April 27 at Monon. Summer resident. 53. Spizella pallida. Clay-colored Sparrow. ?uite common, more so than the preceding. First seen May 4 at Morion. They seemed to frequent the edge of the prairie near Bear Creek.