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?4 THE CONDOR ] VOl,. VIII cottonwoods and bushes. First seen at Monon, May 6. A summer resident. All my specimens are thus labelled by Mr. Ridgway. 7 I. Dendroicaauduboni. Audubon Warbler. First seen at Monon May 5. They were common there and at Springfield in the trees along Bear Creek. None seen after May 15. A migrant only. 75 . Dendroica maculosa. Magnolia Warbler. One taken on Bear Creek, near Springfield, May s2. According to Cooke's List of Colorado Birds, this should be the fourth record for the State. 73. Geothlypis tolmiei. Tolmie Warbler. Seen only near Springfield, as usual, among the trees along Bear Creek. First seen May ?, several seen the next few days. The last one seen was a male of preceding Year, in immature plumage, taken May 3o. A migrant only. 74. Wilsonia pusilia. Wilsou Warbler. First taken May 3 at Monou. At Springfield they were quite common among the trees and bushes along Bear Creek, May ? to ?6, though they seemed rather scarce at the latter date. Migrant. 75. Setophaga ruticilla. Americau Redstart. A last year's male taken May 3o, near Springfield. 76. Oroscoptes montanus. Sage Thrasher. A single specimen taken on Bear Creek, near Springfield. April 5?, and I thought I saw another the same day. 77. Mimus polyglottos. Mockingbird. Seen at every place I visited. First seen at Monon May 3. A common bird, and after its arrival its song was continu- ally heard. 78. Galeoscoptes carolinensis. Catbird. First seen at Springfield May ?5, ou Bear Creek, andouthe ?6th there were many there. AlsoseenatGaume'sMay55. Did not see any about Springfield the las[ days of May. 79. Salpinctes obsoletus. Rock Wren. This was seen at Springfield, Monon and Gaume's ranch. It was about Springfield when I arrived April to. It seemed a contmon bird aronnd the sandstone ledges and bluffs. Summer resident. 80. Troglodytes aec]0n aztecus. Western House Wren. Seen only at Spring- riehl among the trees and bushes along Bear Creek. Summer resident. 8?. Myadestes townsendi. Townsend Solitaire. Seen in April among the trees and bushes on Bear Creek. There seemed to be several there, and they were seen at various times from tile ?2th to the 5?st. Probably a winter resident. 82. Itylocichla ustulata swainsoni. Thrush. First seen May ?6, among the trees on Bear Creek, near Springfield. There were many that morning, though not seen before then. Three were taken, all males. May 59 to 3x there xvere still many there, but six out of seven shot were females. 83. 1tylocichlaguttata. Alaska Hermit Thrush. First seen May ? at Monon, when one was shot in a tree beside Bear Creek. May t?, at Springfield, they seemed common among the trees along Bear Creek. Disappeared a day or two after. 84. Merulamigratoriapropinqua. Western Robin. Seen at Lamar, Spring- field, and Monon. Last seen at Springfield May ?. I was told they did not breed there. I certainly did not see any after the above date, nor can I recall see- ing any old nests in the trees on Bear Creek, and there was good opportunity for observation in April, before the leaves came out. But Mr. Johnston told me a pair built among the fruit trees near tile house a year ago. Colorado Springs, Colo.