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Bird-Lore for Christmas Reproduced linedcut of Ernest Thompson Setoh's painting of the Bob-[?/hite presented to ever? subscriber Is Vol. VIII, z9o6, of Bird- I. ore. ' The Original is nearl.? lie-si?e. Tell us to whom you wish to send BIRD-LORE? (a bi-monthly magazine for bircl-lovers, edited by Frank M. Chapman) for you during x9o6, and we will forward a Christmas card giving your name as donor, a beautiful, nearly life size drawing of the Bob-White, by Ernest Thompson Seton, and a free copy of our December, x9o5, issue containing x 3 birds in color from drawings by Fuertes and Horsfall and over xoo pages of text. All these will go in time to be received, with your greetings, and BIRD-LORE will follow, as published, throughout the year. A valuable present, easily made; whether to a bird-loving friend or to yourself. $x.oo a year; for Christmas 5 MtbscrJptJons for $4.00 3 subscriptions for $2.50 THE MACMILLAN CO., O0 FIFTH AVENUE NEW YORE CITY