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Sept., i9o 7 SOME COLORADO NOTES ON ROCKY MOUNTAIN SCREECH OWL I4i serted in an old flicker's nesting cavity--you gently stroke the brooding bird with yo. ur hand, without a sign of fear or anger on the part of the bird; but your pre- conceived ideas of its nature will receive a rude shock when you carefully slip your hand under it to remove it from the eggs, and as the long needle-like claws sink deep into your hand and you pull the bird forth from the hole with its red mouth open, its bill clicking defiance and its great yellow eyes flashing anger, you will ? ?elca?. ?gs?c s?g o? ?i? gociz ?ou?a? sc?ggc? humbly admit that here at last you have found a Westerner with the true old Yankee fighting blood; and as you endeavor to remove those vice-like claws from some badly punctured fingers you will learn that bull-dog tenacity is also among the little fellow's characteristics. With the first faint signs of spring and often while the wet spring snow is still