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754 TH'?, CONDOR VoL. IX ? Cathartes aura. Turkey Vulture. An occasional buzzard was seen floating along in spring and summer, but I saw no signs of nesting. Acc?piter ve10x. Sharp-shinned Hawk. Only two seen. Accipiter cooperi. Cooper Hawk. Probably six seen during the season. Buteo borealis calurus. Western Red-tailed Hawk. A few breeding in the locality. Buteo swains0ni. Swainson Hawk. One seen occasionally. Aquila. chrysaetos. Golden Eagle. Only one seen. Falco mexicanus. Prairie Falcon. One seen in the fall. Falco sparverius. Sparrow Hawk. Common, nesting in deserted flicker and Lewis woodpe. cker holes. Saw sets of from 3 to 5 eggs during the latter part of May. One bird noticed in January. Mr. Warren says it is common in Montezuma County, and at Coventry. Strix pratincola. Barn Owl. One seen near Mancos, and one often seen at a barn half a mile below Fort Lewis. Asi0 wils0nianus. Long-eared Owl. More numerous than the other owls. Breeds. in deserted magpie nests. Found set of 4 eggs April 25. Syrnium 0ccidentale. Spotted Owl. Two seen in the spring. Megasc0ps fiammeola. Flammulated Screech Owl. I saw one of these little owls in a black birch one morning, but did not secure it. Bub0 magellanicus pallescens. Western Horned Owl. Heard frequently, but seen rarely. Resident. Speotyt0 cunicularia hyp0gtea. Ground Owl. I saw one below Cortez, and Mr. Warren reports one from Cortez. Glaucidium gn0ma. Pigmy Owl. I found a dead young one in a deserted flicker's nest. Ceryle alcyon. Belted Kingfisher. Two seen during the season. Dry0bates vil10sus m0nticola. Rocky Mountain Hairy Woodpecker. Fairly common resident, tho not seen unless quietly looked for. Dry0bates pubescens h0m0rus. Batchelder Woodpecker. Seen occasionally along the river bottom. Sphyrapicus varius nuchalis. Red-naped Sapsucker. Their "drawn-work," on birch and alder trees, was noticed frequently. One pair raised a nest of young just outside the school grounds in a tall cottonwood tree. Melanerpes t0rquatus. Lewis Woodpecker. Saw four pairs during the spring. I found a nest completed in a dead pine tree, but when I returned, a few days later, woodcutters had felled the tree. Another pair nested in a pine tree a short distance from Mr. Petersoh's "rubber camp" and raised a brood of four. C01aptes cafer c011aris. Red-shafted Flicker. Numerous along the river bot- tom, and some on the pine mesas. Mr. Warren reports them from Montezuma County and Coventry in Montrose County. Phalten0ptilus nuttalli. Poor-will. An occasional Poor-will was seen at dusk along the roads. None heard. Chordeiles virginianus henryi. Western Nighthawk. Seen in flocks of 10 to 30 several evenings, probably migrating. Aer0nautes melan0elucus. White-throated Swift. Seen once in the La Plata Mountains. Selasph0rus platycercus. Broad-tailed Hummer. Four or five seen during the year. One caught. Tyrannus tyrannus. Kingbird. One seen on a wire fence at Navajo Springs in June.