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"photograph" means the product of photography or of any other process akin to photography other than a part of a cinematographic film;

"rebroadcast" means a simultaneous or subsequent broadcast by one broadcasting authority of the broadcast of another broadcasting authority, whether situated in the Republic or abroad, and includes diffusion of such broadcast over wires, and "rebroadcasting" shall be construed accordingly;

"reproduction" means the making of one or more copies of a scientific, literary, musical or artistic work, cinematograph film or sound recording;

"Republic" means the Republic of Cyprus;

"scientific work" includes any work of a scientific nature irrespective of the scientific quality thereof;

"sound recording" means the first and constant fixation of a sequence of sound capable of being perceived aurally and of being reproduced, but does not include a soundtrack associated with a cinematograph film;

"telegraph" has the meaning assigned to it by section 2 of the Cap. 305.
62 of 1962.
Telegraphs Law;

"wireles telegraphy" has the meaning assigned to it by sub-section (1) of section 2 of the Cap. 307.Wireless Telegraphy Law;

"work" includes translations, adaptations, new versions or arrangements of pre-existing works, and anthologies, collections or works which, by reason of the selection and arragement of their content, present an original character;

"work of joint authorship" means a work produced by the collaboration of two or more authors in which the contribution of each author is not separable from the contribution of the other author or authors.

(2) For the purposes of this Law the following provisions shall apply with respect to publication—

(a) a work shall be deemed to have been published if a copy or copies thereof have been made available with the consent of the author thereof in a manner sufficient to satisfy the reasonable requirements of the public;
(b) where in the first instance a part only of a work is published, that part shall be treated for the purposes of this Law as a separate work;
(c) a publication in any country shall not be treated as being other than the first publication by reason only of an earlier publication elsewhere, if the two publications took place within a period of not more than thirty days.

Works in which copyright subsist. 3.—(1) Subject to the provisions of this section, copyright shall subsist in the following works—

(a) scientific works;
(b) literary works;