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(k) the reproduction of a work by or under the direction or control of a broadcasting authority where such reproduction or any copies thereof are intended exclusively for a lawful broadcast and are destroyed before the end of the period of six calendar months following immediately after making of the reproduction or such longer periods as may be agreed between the broadcasting authority and the owner of the relevant part of the copyright in the work:
Provided that any reproduction of a work made under this paragraph may, if it constitutes an exceptional portrayal or recording of objectic facts, (documentary) be preserved in the archives of the broadcasting authority, which are hereby designated official archives for the purpose, but, nevertheless subject to the provisions of this Law, shall not be used for broadcasting or for any other purpose without the consent of the owner of the relevant part of the copyright in the work;
(l) the broadcasting of a published work with which no licensing body referred to under section 15 is concerned, subject to the condition that, saving the provisions of this section, the owner of the broadcasting right in the work receives a fair compensation determined, in the absence of agreement, by the competent authority appointed under section 15;
(m) any use made of a work for the purpose of a judicial proceeding or of any report of any such proceeding;
(n) the reproduction by the press, the broadcasting and the communication to the public of lectures, addresses and other works of the same nature which are delivered in public, if such use is justified by its informatory purpose.

(2) The use of a work under the provisions of paragraphs (a), (e), (f), (g). (i), (i), (m) and (n), of the proviso to sub-section (1) includes the use thereof in any of the languages in general use in the Republic.

(3) Copyright in a work of architecture shall also include the exclusive right to control the erection of any building which reproduces the whole or a substantial part of the work either in its original form or in any form recognizably derived from the original:

Provided that the copyright in any such work shall not include the right to control the reconstruction in the same style as the original, of a building to which that copyright relates.

(4) Copyright in a scientific, literary, musical or artistic work, in a cinematograph film or photograph includes the right of the author, during his lifetime, to claim authorship of the work and to object to any distortion, mutilation or other alteration thereof which would be prejudicial to his honour or reputation:

Provided that an author who authorizes the use of his work in a cinematograph film or a television broadcast may not oppose modifications which are absolutely required on technical grounds or for the purpose of commercial exploitation of the work.