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DEBRETTS ILLUSTRATED BARONETAGE. 53 Grandchildren of the late Rev. Edward Powlett Blunt (infra) : Issue of the late Francis Theophilus Blunt, Esq., Capt. 1 2th Lancers, . 1837, d. 1881: ;. twicer- Edward Arthur Henry, b. 1877. Alfred Walter Frank, b. 1879. Mary Anne : in. 1881, Robert John Lepper, Esq., L.R.C.P., Govt. Med. Officer, W. Australia. Residence, Pingarrah, W. Australia. Maud Fanny : in. 1883, Lieut. -Col. Charles Arthur De Neufville Lucas, I.S.C., andjias issue living '>. 1884, Egb< Maud, b. i88 randchildren c da. of Robert Garden, Esq. ; 2ndly, 1810, Sarah, who d. 1833, da. of Richard Little, Esq. : Charles Alfred, b. 1884,- Egbert William, b. 1885, Hugh de Neufville, i. 1886, Gerald Blunt"!.' Dorothy Maud, />. 1888. Emily Charlotte. Grandchildren of the late Walter Blunt, Esq., sth son of 2nd baronet : Issue of the late James Blunt, Esq., b. 17 ,. d. 1832 : m. ist, 1799, Henrietta, who d. 1807, Sarah Selina: m. 1840, the Rev. Alexander Annand, who d. 1853, and has issue living, Rev. Alexander Walter, b. 1841; ed. at Cainb. Univ. (B.A. 1864, NLA. 1873); is V. of Betton Strange, near Shrewsbury : in. 1866, Katharine Mary, da. of Col. Rose, of Northampton, and has issue living, Alexander Percy b. 1868, Ernest Frederick b. 1870, Edwin David b. 1872, Archibald Walter b. 1882, Louisa Rose. Residence, Issue of the late Edward Walter Blunt, Esq., b. 1779, d. 1860 'in. 1813, Janet Shirley, who d. 1884, da. of James Allan, Esq., of the Hall, Stirling: Charles Harris, C.B., b. 1825 ; entered Bengal Army 1842, became Maj.-Gen. 1867 ; served in Sutlej campaign 1846 (medal), in Punjab campaign (medal), and in Indian Mutiny campaign 1857-9 (C.B. and medal with two clasps) ; C. B. 1858 : m. 1856, Mary Augusta, who d 1892, da. of the late Lieut. - Col. James Tod, and has issue living, Ed ward Walter, b. 1860; is Capt. R. A., Charles, b. 1865, Janet Heady, Beatrice Marian. Club, East India United Service. Arthur, b. 1829 ; entered Bombay Artillery 1845, and retired as Col. 1872 ; served in Punjab campaign 1848-9 (medal with two clasps) : m. 1861, Frances Jemima, da. of the late R. S. D. R. Roper, Esq.. of The Grove, Richmond, York- shire, and has issue living, Arthur Wharton, b. 1866 ; is in Forest Depart., Central Provinces, India, Hugh Roper, b. 1874, Alan St. John,i. 1880, Helen Shirley, Dorothy, Marjory Armytage, Sybil Allan. Residence, Dorchester, Oxford. Rev. Alexander Colvin, b. 1831 ; ed. at Ch. Ch., Oxford ; is R. of Burghclere, Hon. Canon of Winchester, and Rural Dean of Kingsclere : in. 1865, Lady Susanna Nelson, da. of 2nd Earl Nelson. Residence, Burghclere Rectory, Newbury. Shirley Anna. Residence, The Limes, Cobham, Surrey. This family is a branch of the Blounts of Sodington, who had seats at Eye and Strettpn, Herefordshire. The ist baronet was summoned before the Court of Chivalry 1732, and fined for using-- without right the arms of Sir Charles Blunt, Lord Mountjoy, Earl of Devon ; he appealed from the sentence, and a day was appointed for hearing his appeal, but as no further proceedings took place, he continued to bear the arms. The 4th baronet sat as M.P. for Lewes (Z.) 1832-7. BOEHM, Creation 1889, of Wetherby Gardens, St. Mary Abbots, Kensington, co. London. Sir EDGAR COLLINS BOEHM, 2nd Baronet; b. Oct. 1st, 1870 : s. his father, Sir JOSEPH EDGAR, R.A., 1890 ; ed. at Eton ; formerly Lieut. Cardigan Artillery, W. Div. R.A. ^rms Azure, in the sinister canton a sun, issuant therefrom eleven rays or, over all a clover plant with three leaves and eradicated proper. Crest A Hungarian hat sable, charged on the turn up with three bezants fessewise. Seat Bentsbrook, near Dorking. Town Residences 5, Pont Street, S.W. ; The Avenue, 76, Fulhani Road, S.W. Clubs Wellington, Meister- singers. Sisters living Georgina Frances. Effie Josephine Alice : m. 1885, Conrad Herapath, Esq., and has issue living, Conrad Boehm, b. iS86, Hamilton Claude Carleton, b. 1888. Residence, The Grange, Fittleworth, Sussex. Florence Louise : . 1890, Randolph Albert Fitzhardinge Kingscote, Esq., Lieut. R.E. [see B. Bloomfield, ext. The annals of the English branch of this family (which distinguished The sun oe my Witness. itse]f during {he reign of King Mattheus Corvinus of Hungary in 1464, having come over there from Bohemia in 940) extend to temp. King John : the name Boehra (Bedim) means Bohemian. Sir Edgar, ist baronet, was Sculptor-in-Ordinary to H.M. CRAWLEY-BOEVEY, Creation 1784. of Highfield, Gloucestershire. Sir THOMAS HYDE CRAWLEY-BOEVEY, 5th Baronet; b. 1837; s. hisfather, Sir MARTIN HYDE, 1862; formerly Lieut. 69th Foot ; is Lieut. -Col. 2nd Vol. Batn. Gloucestershire Regt., a J.P. for Gloucestershire (High Sheriff 1882), and Verderer of Forest of Dean : m. 1865, Frances Elizabeth, da. of the Rev. Thomas Peters, formerly Rector of Eastington, Gloucester, and has issue. Jtatron of >iu gibing Flaxley V., Gloucestershire. $rms Erminois, on a fesse azure between three herons proper a saltire between two cross-crosslets fitchee or, on a chief ermine a bend gules, charged with three guttees-d'or between two martlets sable. Crtst A mount vert, thereon a crane proper gorged with a collar or, holding in his dexter claw a saltire of the last. Seat Flaxley Abbey, Newnham, Gloucestershire. Sons living -FRANCIS HYDE, b. April 25th, 1868; ed. at Ch. Ch., -Edward Martin, b. 1873. Arthur Curtis, b. 1874. Thomas Russell, b. Sol meus testis. Esse quam videri. To be, rather tluin seem to be. Oxford (B.A. 1891).- Daughter living Albinia Frances : m. 1892, the Rev. William Hartley Carnegie. Residence, Great Witley Rectory, Worcestershire.