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270 DEBRETT S ILLUSTRATED BARONETAGE. Spare nought. HAY, Creation 1703, of Alderston, N.B. Sir HECTOR MACLEAN HAY, yth Baronet ; b. March 28th, 1821 ; s. his father, Sir TAMES DOUGLAS HAMILTON, 1873 5 is a partner in firm of Mocatta and Goldsmid, Bullion Brokers, of Throgmorton Avenue, E.G. : m. 1st, 1852, Ann Charlotte, who d. 1888, da. of Dr. T- White, I yth Dragoons, and widow of Lieut.-Col. W. C. Lewis Bird, H.E.I.C.S. ; 2ndly, 1889, Julia, widow of William Johnson, Esq., of Appleby, Lincoln.

2Vras Quarterly
ist and 4th, azure, three fraises, Fraser ; 2nd and

3rd, gules, three bars ermine, Giffcrd nf } 'ester ; over all, upon an escut- cheon of pretence argent, three escutcheons gules, in the centre a key fesseways ward downwards sable. Crtst A goat's head erased argent, armedor. Residence Ingoldsby, Tangley Park, Hampton. Sisters living Anna : m. 1846, John Morison, Esq., and has issue living, Jane Elizabeth, Mary. Residence, Home Terrace, West Ferry, Dundee. Mary Jane : tn. 1875, Samuel Fleming Smith, Esq., who d. 1876. Residence, 117, Rideau Street, Ottawa, Canada. Augusta : in. 1856, St. Lawrence Berford, Esq., of Canada, and has issue living, Victor Fitzwilliam, b. 1860, Hamilton St. Lawrence, b. 1866, Louisa Jane, Florence Mary, Emily Frances Harriette, Anna Maria. Residence, Tara Arran, co. Bruce, Ontario. Louisa. Harriette Charlotte Elizabeth. Collateral Branches living. Issue of the late William Thomas Hay, Esq., 2nd son of 6th baronet, f. 1822, d. 1886 : m. 1860, Isabella (now of Melbourne, Victoria), da. of Robert Charles, Esq., of Melbourne : WILLIAM HENRY, b. May 3 cth, 1867. Edward, b. 1870. Frederick Howard, /-. 1871. James Herbert, b. 1873. Issue of the late Hamilton Staveley Augustus Lindiey Hay, 3rd son of 6th baronet, b. 1824, d. 1884 : m. 1853, Agnes Swinton (now of 3, Viewforth Terrace, Edin- burgh), da. of John Carfrae, Esq., of Edinburgh : Henry Campbell, b. 1859. Agnes Jane. Issue of the late Howard Augustus Hay, 4th son of 6th baronet, b. 1828, d. 1884 : m. 1853, Sarah (now of Osprey, Canada West), da. of Henry Harris, Esq., of Bitterne, Southampton : William James Henry Beachell, b. 1856. Douglas Hector, b. 1869. Jane Sophia Louisa. Issue of the late Capt. John Hay, half-brother of 5th Baronet : William Ker, b. 1800: m. 1825, Catherine Norval, who d. 1883, da. of Crosby Swindal-Norval. Esq., of Baghall, co. Linlithgow, and has issue living, John Charles, 6. 1831 ; is Hon. Maj.-Gen. I.S.C., Catherine Joan : m. 18 , Gen. G. Conran, Christina : m. 18 , Col. Hennah, Madras Cav., Susan Nancy, Mary Loraine: m. 18 , H. Bird, Esq., Jessie. Residence, Grandchildren of the late Capt. John Hay, half-brother of 5th baronet: Issue of the late Alexander Murray Hay, Esq., b. 1779, d. 1864 : m. 18 : Thomas, b. 18 . James Shaw, b. 18 . Issue of the late Lieut.-Col. Thomas Pasley Hay, Esq., b. 1801, d. 1858 : m. i3 , Georgina, da. of Arnaud, Esq., of Mauritius : Woulfe, b. 1836 ; formerly Col. M.S.C. ; retired as Maj.-Gen. 1886 : m. 1863, Alida Maria, da. of Surg.- Maj. H. W. Porteus, and has issue living, Henry Thomas Horatio (Club, Junior Army and Navy), b. 1863; is Lieut. M.S.C., James Douglas, b. 1865, Frederick George, b. 1870, Alexander, b. 1872, Mary Conran, Emily Henrietta, Annie Ker, Lucy Katherine. Residence, 17. Adam- son Road, S. Hampstead, N.W. Sir James Shaw, K.C.M.G., b. 1839 ; formerly Lieut. Sgth Regl. ; was Administrator of Govt. of the Gambia 1886-8, and Gov. and Com.-in-Ch. of Sierra Leone and H.M.'s Consul for Liberia 1888-92, since when he has been Gov. and Com.-in-Ch. of Bar- bados ; C.M.G. 1887, K.C.M.G. 1889 : m. ist, 18 , Jane, who d. 18 , da. of John Morin, Esq., of Allington, co. Dumfries ; 2ndly, 18 , Frances Marie, da. of Mons. Jacques Polatza, of Brussels, and has issue living (by ist marriage), Margaret Eleanor, b. 1866. Residence, Government House, Bridgetown, Barbados. Clubs, Junior Army and Navy, Constitutional, Junior Constitutional. Loraine Geddes, b. 1847; formerly Lieut. iosth Regt. ; is Commr. of Tobago : ;//. 1879, Emily Alice, da. of the late Capt. Donald Macdonald, H.E.LC.S., and has issue living, Loraine Macdonald, b. 1883, James Carrington, b. 1888, Mary Georgina, Margaret Emily, Hilda Rose. Residence, Government House, Tobago, W. Indies. Mary Elizabeth: ;. 1864, Charles Bathurst, Esq., and has issue living, Charles, b. 1867, Arthur Henry, b. 1872, Robert, b. 1875. Residence, Lydney Park, Lydney, Gloucestershire. DALRYMPLE-HAY, Creation 1798, of Park Place, Wigtownshire. Right Hon. Sir JOHN CHARLES DAL- RYMPLE-HAY, P.C., K.C.B., D.C.L., F.R.S., 3rd Baronet; b. Feb. nth, 1821; s. his father, Sir JAMES. 1861; ed. at Rugby; entered R.N. 1834, became Rear-Aclm. 1866, Vice-Adm. 1875, and Adm. (retired) 1878; served in first Kaffir war 1835, and in Syria 1840 (medal with clasp, and Turkish medal); commanded squadron that destroyed pirate fleets at Bias Bay and Gulf of Tonquin 1849 (pro- moted Capt., and presented with a service of plate by merchants of China), and H.M.S. "Hannibal" Preserve the yoke. in Black Sea during part of Russian war, present