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DEBRETT'S ILLUSTRATED BARONETAGE. 481 Alice Maria, Gertrude : m. 1885, the Rev. George Strickland Marriott, R. of Cotesbach, Lutterworth, and has issue living, Robin George b. 1886, Ethel Gertrude b. 1889, Lilian Mary. Residence, Castle Hill, Maidenhead, Grandson of the late Rev. Whitworth Russell (ante) : Issue of the late Henry Russell, Esq., b. 1827, d. 1852 : m. 1848, Maria Charlotte, da. of the late Henry Hammond Shelton, Esq., of Worcester : Whitworth, b, 1849^: . 1886, Caroline Eleanor, da. of J. P. Armstrong, Esq., C.E., and has issue living, John Whitworth, b. 1891, Charlotte, b. 1887, Mary, b. 1889. Residence, Nixon Street, Wanganui, New Zealand. Issue of the late George Lake Russell, Esq., 5th son of ist baronet, b. 1802, d. 1878 m. 1832, Lady Caroline Alicia Diana Pery, who d, 1890, da. of ist Earl of Limerick : Cecil Henry, b. 1833; ed. at Eton, and at Trin. Coll., Camb. (M.A. 185 ); Bar. Lincoln's Inn 1856, and a Bencher 1885 ; is Col. " Inns of Court" and Vol. Batn. Rifle Brig. (Prince Consort's Own): m. 1859, Katharine, da. of Henry Porter, Esq., of Winslade, Devon, and has issue living, George Cecil (of Brookesby, Wanganui, New Zealand), b. 1861 : m. 1889, Alice Jane Evelyn, da. of E. W. Mills, Esq., J.P., merchant, of The Terrace, Wellington, New Zealand, and has issue living, Charles Lake Cecil b. 1889, Evelyn Aylmer Cecil b. 1891, Edward Henry Cecil b. 1892, Edmond Cecil, b. 1876, Rose Cecil : m. 1890, Hubert Arthur Strickland, Esq. [see Strickland, ' Gardens, S.W. Chambers, 21, Old Bart., colls.], Katharine Cecil. Residence, 44, Ennismpre ( Buildings, Lincoln's Inn, W.C. Club, Oxford and Cambridge. The ist baronet, Sir Henry, was Chief Justice of Bengal ; and the 2nd baronet was for many years- Resident at the Court of Hyderabad, East Indies. The 3rd baronet sat as M.P. for Berks (C 1865-8, and for Westminster 1874-82. Agitatione purgatur. Purifiedby movement. RUSSELL, Creation 1832, of Charlton Park. Gloucestershire. Nitordo- si r WILLIAM RUSSELL, 3rd Baronet ; b. Sept. nee supero. g jg his fath Lieut. -Gen. Sir WILLIAM, C.ff., I strive till ' , . T~ .. /--. ,1 T-J-I i I overcome, i92 ; ed. at Fettes Coll., Edinburgh. S^rms Argent, a chevron between three gouttes reversed sable, the whole within a bordure gyronny of eight or and of the second. Crtsts ist, a fountain ; 2nd, out of a ducal coronet or, a demi-eagle displayed proper, gorged with a mural crown. Residences Charlton Park, Charlton Kings, Gloucestershire ; 2, Ashley Place, Victoria Street, S.W. Brother living ALBERT, b. June 2 7 th, 1869. Sister living Margaret Jane. Aunts living (daughters of ist baronet) Sophia : m. 1830, the Rev. George Royds Birch, who d. 1864, and has issue living, William (of n, Albion Street, Hyde Park Square, W. Club, Junior Army and Navy), b. 1842; is a Col. : m. 1865, Alice, da. of Thomas Kenny, Esq., Alphonse, b. 1843: m. 1868, Fanny, da. of J. Reid, Esq., Briscoe, b. 1844: m. 1869, Georgina, da. of W. Wetherall, Esq., Claude (of Granville House, Granville Place, W.), b. 1846, Horace Heathorn, b. 1856, Ernest (of Bencombe, Dursley), b. 1863 : m. 1889, Letitia Cecile, da. of William Dobson, Esq., of Oakwood, Bath, and has issue living, Cecil Ernest b. 1890, Russell Ernest b. 1891, Minnie: m. 1884, Samuel Hope Morley, Esq., of 43, Upper Grosvenor Street, W., and Hall Place, Tonbridge, and has issue living, Geoffrey Hope b. 1885, Claude Hope b. 1887. Resi- dence, 3, Chilworth Street, Hyde Park, W. Jane Eliza: m. 1842, Henry Monro, Esq., M.D., who d. 1891, and has issue living, Russell Henry, b. 1846 ; ed. at Radley, and at Univ. Coll., Oxford : m. 1878, Emily Julia, da. of Sir George Edmund Nugent, 2nd baronet, William Charles (of 26, Abingdon Villas, Kensington, W.), b. 1849 ; ed. at Radley : m. 1874, Charlotte Elizabeth, da. of M. George Fernau, of St. Croix, Bruges, Henry Theodore (of 28, Harewdod Square, N.W.), b, 1858 ; ed. at Winchester, and at Oxford Univ. : m. 1884, Constance, da. of the late H. N. Heale, Esq., J.P., of Highfield, Hemel Hempstead, Constance Jane: m. 1870, the Rev. Evelyn Joseph Hone, V. of St. John's, Deptford, Clara Eleanor : m. 1882, the Rev. Athelstan Coode, of Portway, Wells, Somerset, and has issue living, Athelstan Monro b. 1882, Cuthbert Harold b. 1884, Donald Russell b. 1886, Bernard Henry b. 1887, Ruth Eleanor b. 1891, Mary Beatrice. Residences, 14, Upper Wimpole Street, W. ; Orchard Leigh, Bonchurch, Isle of Wight. WidOW living Of 2nd Baronet MARGARET (Lady Russell), da. of the late Robert Wilson, Esq. : m. 1863, Lieut. -Gen. Sir William Russell, C.B., 2nd baronet, who d. 1892. Residence, 2, Ashley Place, Victoria Street, S.W. The znd baronet sat as M.P. for Dover (L) 1857-9, an d for Norwich 1860-74. 3 1