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DEBRETT ADVERTISEMENTS. THE SPEAKER. THE LEADING LIBERAL WEEKLY. IPrioe 6dL SPEAKER devotes special attention to Literary News and Criticism, great care being taken to keep this department of the journal free from any sus- picion of favouritism on the one hand, and of sectarianism or narrow-mindedness on the other. The Staff of Writers includes many men of estab- lished eminence in the World of Letters, as well as specialists, who treat with unquestioned authority the Scientific, Artistic, and Economic Problems of the day. THE SPEAKER is read in all quarters of the world, and is everywhere recognised as an authority on Political, Social, and Literary Questions. Owing to the class amongst which it circulates, THE SPEAKER, as an Advertising Medium, has a special value. Rates may be obtained on application at the Offices, 115, FLEET STREET, LONDON, E.G. THE SPEAKER is on sale every Saturday morning at the Railway Bookstalls and principal Newsagents' of the United Kingdom. Copies are delivered to Subscribers by post early on Saturday in all parts of the kingdom. // is earnestly requested that where any difficulty is experienced in procuring copies, the fact may be communicated to the Publishers. . PUBLISHED FOR THE PROPRIETORS BY CASSELL & COMPANY, Limited, LA BELLE SAUVAGE, LUDGATE HILL, LONDON.