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36 DEBRETT ADVERTISEMENTS. O O JE 1J[ TV WINCARNIS OR LIEBIG S EXTRACT OF MEAT & MALT WINE. WINCARNIS Is a New Name Registered to prevent fraudulent Imitations. Unsolicited Testimonials have been received from Medical Men. IMPORTANT TESTIMONIAL FROM DE. MATTHEWS, Dereham Road, Norwich. Dereham Road, Norwich, June 13th, 1892. Gentlemen, You have been kind enough to send me several free orders for your "Win. carnins." and it has given much relief to several who were in a dying state they could take the " Wincarnis " when everything else was rejected. I am now begging the favour of asking you if you can do a work of charity in giving a poor dying man some of your " Wiucarnis." It has kept him up for some weeks. He is suffering from an internal cancer. His means are all gone. Friends and his family have purchased two large bottles weekly they cannot afford him more. He has had the most expensive wines, but nothing suits him like the " Wincarnia." The case is urgent. The gentleman has filled an important position in this county, but his means are gone. Yours faithfully Messrs. Coleman & Co. Limited. W. MATTHEWS. WINCARNIS Is sold by all Druggists, Wine Merchants and Patent Medicine Vendors, Ask for COLEMAN'S "WINCARNIS," or LIEBIG'S EXTRACT OF MEAT AND MALT WINE, and see that the word "WTNCARNIS is on the shoulder of the bottle. If there is any difficulty in getting the Wine, write direct to the manufacturers, who will forward Sample Pint Bottle free by Post on receipt of 33 stamps. Doz. Rail 30/. Sole Manufacturers : COH.EMAJV &, Co., Limited, St. George's and Bank Plain, Norwich ; & 3, New London Street, London, E.C. Sole Proprietors of "Ozmazon," the New Beef Tea, and also Coleman's Crown Imperial Invalid Stout, which is strongly recommended by the medical faculty. BASS'S EAST INDIA PALE ALE, BARCLAYS PORTER AND STOUT, Always in good condition, in 9 Gallon and 18 Gallon Casks, Bottles, Half- Bottle and Imperial Pints. DEVONSHIRE CIDER. BERRY BROs. & Co., Wine Merchants, 3, St. James's Street, S.W. ESTABLISHED TWO CKNTURIES. IMPORTERS A.ND BOTTLERS OF PORTS, OLD IN WOOD.