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_ DEBRETT ADVERTISEMENTS. _ 37 CULLETON'S HERALDIC OFFICE, 25, CRANBOURN STREET, LONDON, W.C. ESTABLISHED HALF A CENTURY. FOR HERALDIC AND GENEALOGICAL INFORMATION. Prospectus post free to any part of the world. PEDIGREES TRACED. Existing Pedigrees examined and cor- rected. Copies of Pedigrees obtained from the MSS. at the British Museum and from the Heralds' College. Armorial Bearings Painted in their proper colours. Arms of Husband and Wife blended. The proper colours for Servants' Liveries, what Livery Buttons and Harness Ornaments to be used, according to Heraldic Rules. SKARCHES FOR ARMS, ETC., care- fully made, and authentic information obtained from best authorities. The Reference Library contains a valuable collection of Heraldic and Genealogical Printed Works and Manuscripts. SEARCHES FOR FOREIGN COATS OF ARMS. Mr. Culleton being in communication with the Heraldic Authorities on the Continent is able to undertake researches in all parts, and if necessary to send competent Genealogical Workers to personally examine documents and works of reference. ' INFORMATION FOR OBTAINING THE GRANT OF A PATENT OF ARMS. _ ARMS PAINTED in OIL or WATER COLOUR, Large sizes for L framing or small sizes as sketches. Oak and Metal Shields, for hanging in Library or Hall, painted with Arms. College and University Arms, painted in Oil on Metal Shields, kept in Stock. Crests or Monograms painted on Albums, Fans, and all kinds of presents. Flags of all sizes with Coats of Arms, &c., made to order. SHERIFFS' BANNERS painted on Silk and handsomely fringed. J-jATCHMENTS correctly painted on short notice. TlVERY BUTTON DIES ENGRAVED with Crest, 427- the pair. "^^ Livery Buttons Plated or Gilt. Harness Crests. PLATES (exlibris) Designed and Engraved on Steel, Copper or Wood, in ancient or modern styles. QEAL ENGRAVING. Arms and Crests engraved on Seals and

  • ""^ RingsĀ ; also on Steel Dies for Stamping Note-paper. Crests engraved on Silver Spoons and

Family Plate, from 5s. per dozen. A Desk Seal, with engraved crest, 15s. 6d. MEDAL DIES ENGRAVED AND MEDALS STRUCK in Gold, Silver, or Bronze. Designs specially drawn to suit all subjects. ClGNET RINGS. All i8-carat, Hall-marked. A large assortment

  • ~*^ of Rings and genuine antique gold Fob Seals kept in stock. Prices, l 2s., ="A 3s.,

v^4 4s. and 5 6s. Send size of finger by fitting a piece of wire, and mention the price ring required. Arms, Crests, or Monograms engraved on the Rings and Seals to order. CULLETON'S GUINEA BOX OF STATIONERY contains half ,^T^ a ream of Best Quality Paper and Envelopes ta match, all Stamped in colour, with either Crest, Monogram, or Address. No charge for engraving Steel Die, which remains here for future orders. , (CULLETON'S EMBOSSING PRESS for Stamping one's own paper ^^ with arms, crest, monogram or address, 10/6. The die and Counterpart extra. ]/[EMORIAL BRASSES designed and worked in all styles. Brass Door Plates for professional purposes. _ _ . CARDS. 50 best quality, gentlemen's 2/8, Ladies', 3/0, post free, including the engraving of copper plate. WEDDING CARDS AND INVITATIONS of every description printed in Gold, Silver or Colour, and tistefully Stamped with Crest or Monogram. _ _ ^ _ _ PRESENTATION ADDRESSES Designed and Illuminated on ' vellum. y CULLETON, 25, Cranbourn Street, Leicester

  • Square (CORNER OF ST. MARTIN'S LANE), London, W.C. Five Minutes' walk frow

Charing Cross and Piccadilly Circus.