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For the country from Peshawar to Ceylon
Was their own.
But the Merchant risked the perils of the Plain
For his gain.
Now the resting-place of Charnock, 'neath the palms,
Asks an alms,
And the burden of its lamentation is,
Briefly, this:—
"Because, for certain months, we boil and stew,
"So should you.
"Cast the Viceroy and his Council, to perspire
"In our fire!"
And for answer to the argument, in vain
We explain
That an amateur Saint Lawrence cannot cry:—
"All must fry!"
That the Merchant risks the perils of the Plain
For his gain.
Nor can Rulers rule a house that men grow rich in,
From its kitchen.

Let the Babu drop inflammatory hints
In his prints;
And mature—consistent soul—his plan: for stealing

To Darjeeling: