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The Man of Sixty Spears, broke from the press,
And would have clasped her, but the Priests withstood,
Saying:—"She has a message from Taman."
Then said Bisesa:—"By my wealth and love
"And beauty, I am chosen of the God
"Taman." Here rolled the thunder through the Hills.
And Kysh fell forward on the Mound of Skulls.

In darkness and before our Priests, the maid
Between the altars, cast her bracelets down,
Therewith the heavy earrings Armod made,
When he was young, out of the water-gold
Of Gorukh—threw the breast-plate thick with jade
Upon the turquoise anklets—put aside
The bands of silver on her brow and neck;
And as the trinkets tinkled on the stones,
The Thunder of Taman lowed like a bull.

Then said Bisesa stretching out her hands,
As one in darkness fearing Devils:—"Help!

"Priests, I am a woman very weak.