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"Through borrowed deed to God's good need that lies so fair within;
"Get hence, get hence to the Lord of Wrong, for doom has yet to run,
"And ... the faith that ye share with Berkeley Square uphold you, Tomlinson!"


The Spirit gripped him by the hair, and sun by sun they fell
Till they came to the belt of Naughty Stars that rim the mouth of Hell:
The first are red with pride and wrath, the next are white with pain,
But the third are black with clinkered sin that cannot burn again:
They may hold their path, they may leave their path, with never a soul to mark,
They may burn or freeze, but they must not cease in the scorn of the Outer Dark.
The Wind that blows between the worlds, it nipped him to the bone,

And he yearned to the flare of Hell-gate there as the light of his own hearth-stone.