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421 i 17 Dalrymple, John, 2nd Earl of Stair : for 1792 read 1692 ii 14 f.e. after more insert 1714

422 i 18 for ambassador read minister plenipotentiary

26 for Louis XV read Louis XIV

ii 89-41 for in regular attendance .... of which read He regularly attended the

House of Lords (1707-8 and 1715-84) while

425 i 15 f.e. Dalrymple, John, 6th Earl of Stair : after Berlin insert retiring in 1788 18 f.e. omit several times chosen

12 f.e. after peer insert 1798-1807 and 1820 till his death

ii 12 f.e. Dalrymple, Sir John H. M., 8th Earl of Stair : after Wellington insert He was colonel of the 92nd foot 1881-43 and of the 46th foot 1843 till death

427 ii 20 Dalton, John (1709-1763) : omit [q. v.]

428 i 82 Dalton, John (1726-1811) : for and grandson read He was great-great-grandson ii 28-6 omit by whom he had .... 4th dragoons

29 after 1811 insert Of his three sons (1) Thomas, captain llth dragoons, suc-

ceeded in 1807 to the Norcliffe estates, and took the name of Norcliffe ;

(2) John, colonel 4th light dragoons, inherited the Wray estates; and

(3) James, rector of Croft, Yorkshire, was an eminent botanist, whose collections are now in the York Museum. Dalton also had three daughters.

88 for accuses read disputes the account given by

86-8 omit of not having done justice .... in which he took part

485 i 6 D' Alton, John (1792-1867) : for Archbishop read Archbishops 488 i 1 f.e. Daly, Denis : for 1768 read 1767 5 f.e. for county read borough

4 f.e. after Galway insert and at the general election of 1768 was returned for the


ii 18 f.e. for Henry read Hussey

442 ii 27 Dalyell, Robert, 2nd Earl of Carnwath : for 1644 read 1645 449 i 15 Dalzell, Robert : for who married Dalzell's sister read whose daughter Dalzell

married ii 6 after foot insert (the 41st)

10 for lieutenant-general read major-general

12 for General Wade read General Hawley

17 for became general in 1745 read became lieutenant-general in 1735 and

general in 1745

12 f.e. before Gibson Dalzell insert his son

11 f.e. for Tidcombe read Tidmarsh

8 f.e. omit the late

3-1 omit and whose daughter . . . this branch of the family