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197 i 34 Dundas, William : after M.P. for the insert Crail boroughs in 1794 ; he was

elected for the

17 f.e. for Cullen read Inverary, Elgin, Banff, Cullen, Kintore district of burghs

15 f.e. before On 26 March insert He was a lord of the admiralty from 1812 to 1814

7 f.e. for seven read twenty-six

200 i 1 Dunk, George M., 2nd Earl of Halifax : for twice resigned (in June read resigned

in June

2 omit and again in June 1757), and and both

8 omit occasions and of his resignation was

22 f.e. after state insert for the North

19 f.e. for secretaryship continued in read the secretaryship for the South passed


206 i 18 f.e. Dunlop, James (d. 1832) : for 1817 read 1814 10 f.e. for 1818 read 1812

7 f.e. for His grandson, the late Sir James read His son John

208 ii 18-17 Dunlop, John C. : for is announced by Messrs. George Bell & Sons, read was pub- f.e. lished under Mr. H. Wilson's editorship in 1888.

216 ii 11 f.e. Duns, Joannes Scotus : for It bears the inscription read An inscription on a wooden tablet is said to have run

221 i 40 Duns table, John: after music, insert Other musical compositions by him are now in the Imperial Library at Vienna, in the Biblioteca Estense at Modena, in libraries at Home, Bologna, and Dijon (cf. Times, 21 Feb. 1893).

283 ii 10 Dunthorn, William : for (d. 1489) read (d. 1490)

239 ii 21 Duport, James : after stall and insert resigning

22 after deaconry insert (1641)

240 i 82 for died read was buried

33 omit and was buried

242 i 23 Duppa, Brian : for 1629 read 1628 ii 4 f.e. for 16 March read 26 March

248 i 2 f.e. Duppa, Richard : after political character ' insert (i.e. Richard Glover, 1712-1785


246 i 81 Dnrand, Sir Henry H. : for Polhampton read Polehampton 248 i 8 f.e. Duras, Louis, Earl of Feversham : for In the same year read From 1685 to 1689 he was colonel of the 1st troop of horse guards. In 1686

8 f.e. after (ib. i. 476). insert In 1688-9 he was lord-lieutenant of Kent.

250 i 17 D' Urban, Sir Benjamin: for and in 1821 read in 1820 he was made governor of

Antigua and in 1824

18-20 for British Guiana, whence he was transferred .... in 1825. read Demerara

and Essequibo. These settlements were combined in 1831 with Berbice to form the colony of British Guiana, of which D'Urban wag then appointed first governor.

23 for lieutenant-governor read governor

24 omit of the eastern district

27 after 1837 insert when he was succeeded at the Cape by Major-General (Sir)

George T. Napier

28-81 omit and in 1842 appointed .... Napier, K.C.B.

89-40 omit which he did after some opposition in 1848.

ii 11 f.e. Durel, John : before On the death of Earle insert for translation into Latin 257 ii 17 f.e. Durham, Sir Philip C. H. C. : after G.C.B. insert He was elected tory M.P. for Queenborough in 1830 and for Devizes in 1884.

261 ii 10 f.e. Durie, John : for Wetteran read Wetterau

10-9 for Heilebron read Heilbronn


262 * 6 for council read counsel

32 for Hildersheim read Hildesheim

272 i 4 Duval, Claude : after 1669-70 insert cf. art. ' Morton, Sir William '

276 i 82 Dwnn, Lewys : for usual read accepted

277 ii 29 Dwyer, Michael : after Grattan insert erroneously

83-84 for according to Eoss read Boss is correct in stating that

35 after Sydney insert and being buried in the Devonshire Street cemetery