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363 ii 20 Eden, William, 1st Lord Auckland : for Nov. read Sept.

3G4 i 9-13 f r an< l resigned with his friend .... He refused to join Pitt's read When

Pitt resigned in 1801 on the king's refusal to consent to the emancipation of the Irish catholics, Auckland retained his office of joint postmaster- general throughout Addington's administration, and resigned with Adding - ton in 1804. Pitt excluded him from his

16-17 for it was said for personal reasons. He read He joined Grenville's ministry

of All the Talents as president of the Board of Trade (Feb. 1806-March 1807). Thenceforth he 21 for 24 Feb. read 10 Jan.

871 i 35 Edgar (1072-1107) : omit and Freeman's

86 after England ; insert Freeman's Norman Conquest ;

375 i 8 I Edgcumbe, George, 1st Earl of Mount-Edgcumbe : for Mount-Edgcumbe read

16 f.e. > Edgcumbe

17 after commerce, insert From 1746 to 1761 he was M.P. for Fowey.

13 f.e. after admiral ; insert was treasurer of the household 1765-6, ji 6 for his death on 4 Feb. 1795 read in 1793

8 after Mount-Edgcumbe. insert He died on 4 Feb. 1795.

21 Edgcumbe, Sir Richard (d. 1489) : after Edgcumbe insert or

377 i 9 Edgcumbe, Sir Kichard (1499-1562) : for Courtenay's read Courtney's

27 Edgcumbe, Richard, 1st Baron Edgcumbe : for 1702 read Dec. 1701

28 for the same year read July 1702

29 for for which borough he sat until his elevation to the peerage read for which

borough he sat until 1734, when he was returned for both that constituency and for Lostwithiel. He chose to serve for Lostwithiel, but was re-elected for Plympton in 1741, and remained M.P. for that place till his elevation to the peerage next year

7 f.e. after public expense, insert He was made major-general in Feb. 1755.

ii 19 Edgcumbe, Richard, 2nd Baron Edgcumbe : after borough of insert Plympton

from 1742 to 1747 and of 28-29 for In 1756 he was raised to the peerage read In 1758 he succeeded as second


382 i 33 Edgeworth, Maria : for 1841 read 1846 ii 25 after 1884 insert 18. ' Orlandino '

82 for Helena read Helen

884 ii 18 f.e. Edgeworth, Richard Lovell : after Irish parliament insert for St. Johnstown, co.

Longford (1798-1800)

885 i 16 f.e. for Stirling read Sterling

12 f.e. for Ysidor read Ysidro

886 ii 17 f.e. Edington, William of : for nescitur read nascitur

387 i 14 for at Edington. read in his cathedral south of the choir steps, in a chantry

where his effigy can be seen on an altar tomb with a long Latin inscription. His will (in Latin), dated 11- Sept. 1366, is printed in Wiltshire ' Notes and Queries.'

889 i 13-12 Edlin, Richard : for (d. 1677) astrologer read (1631-1677) astrologer, born 29 Sept.

f.e. 1631 (Sloane MS. 1120, f. 2)

ii 23-24 for in January read 19 Feb.

27 Edmond, : for EDMOXD (16th cent.) read EDMONDS, SIB WILLIAM

(d. 1606)

28-29 omit towards the close of the sixteenth century

80 after baker insert of Edinburgh, according to Peacham's ' Compleat Gentle-

man ' (1634, p. 5)

35 for Having won .... returned to Scotland, and read He was in command

of a regiment of Scotch foot which was cut to pieces at Leffingen 1 July 1600. He was killed during the defence of Rhineberg, 3 Sept. 1606. While on a visit to Scotland he had

39-41 omit The date of his death .... Earl of Mar

12 f.e. after p. 44 insert Dalton's Sir Edward Cecil, i. 47, 188

392 ii 21 f.e. Edmondes, Sir Thomas : for Henry read John

17 f.e. for His last official work was to visit read He visited

14 f.e. after September insert His last official work was that of special ambassador

to France (Jan.-July 1630)